Introducing the ‘Nerds and Beyond Podcast Network’


We at Nerds and Beyond are huge fans of podcasts, and we’ve been working on something over the last few months that we thought our readers would love! We’re finally going to be launching the Nerds and Beyond Podcast Network!

Our network will feature a variety of podcasts hosted by members of our staff, on a variety of topics. Take a look at some of the podcasts we’ll have below.

The Pod – A ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Podcast (Coming Soon!)

The Pod is a ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Podcast, ready to bring you episode discussions,
what we hope to see in future episodes, and many discussions about Vlamis.

Hosted by Briar, Brianna, Sarah, Amanda, and Mel.
Get ready as we take you through our favorite new TV show.

I Still Believe in Heroes

I Still Believe in Heroes is a podcast about fandom.

Hosts Conny and Emelie have both been involved in different fandoms since childhood,
have met thanks to fandom back in 2016, and the thought of a podcast was born earlier this year.

They will be talking about fandoms they are a part of, they will dip their toes into fandoms they aren’t part of (yet), and they will talk about the latest in nerdy news.

Jake and Mike Know Nothing

Jake and Mike are just two happening guys that give their thoughts on all of the various nothings going on in our universe today to help distract your brain from the “real world”.

Their discussions will range from the very ethos of pop culture, to film and other various forms of media, as well as relevant stories about stuff that might bring about some belly laughs.

Give this podcast a listen if you want to hear a roundabout discussion of where their fingers are on the current pulse of the vast nothing that is the modern entertainment industry.

There’s Always Next Season

In the cruel world that is professional sports, two guys defy the odds to once again dabble
in America’s new national pastime: a podcast about sports.

There’s Always Next Season will focus primarily on the NFL but won’t disregard the likes of the NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

Does it hurt when your team loses? Of course. We will make sure you can lament through us.

Our podcasts are available on ITunes and on Spotify (I Still Believe in Heroes). Make sure you head on over to to listen!

Briar is the Editor-in-Chief of Nerds and Beyond. She has been running the site since 2015 with the goal of being a unique, professional news site dedicated to all the things she loved - and providing fans with the best content available. Briar oversees the day-to-day operations and runs all of the social media. She loves all things Disney, Star Wars, Supernatural and anything tech related. You can follow her @thebriarroseee.

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