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Christopher Eccleston’s Memoir ‘I Love the Bones of You’ Out on September 19

BOOKSChristopher Eccleston’s Memoir ‘I Love the Bones of You’ Out on September...
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Christopher Eccleston, well-known for his incarnation of the Ninth Doctor in the British series Doctor Who, has written his first book intituled I Love the Bones of You: My Father And The Making Of Me. The memoir will be published by Simon and Schuster UK and will be out on September 19.

Eccleston said about his book, “My father was an ‘ordinary man’, which of course means he was extraordinary. I aim to capture him and his impact on my life and career.”

“Drawing on his memories, Chris will describe a vivid life of growing up in a Salford, working-class household in the 1970s with his siblings, a loving mother, and the totemic figure of his hardworking, serious-minded and socialist father – Ronnie. How his life changed from a potential future as ‘factory fodder’ in his native Northwest, to a deep-rooted desire to perform on stage, and what developed into a burgeoning acting career – from his stunning film debut Let Him Have It; to the BBC’s landmark drama miniseries Our Friends in the North; his remarkable relaunch of the iconic Doctor Who franchise; and many more BAFTA-nominated roles over the past three decades such as starring in the current production of Macbeth for the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford; and, playing the role of the grandfather in the BBC1 hit drama series The A Word.

Along this path of fame and fortune also lay a man still bonded to his home city of Salford, his politics, his family, and especially his beloved parents. Chris will discuss openly the loss of his father and his family’s struggle to cope with his condition over the past decade of his life as they watched his health deteriorate. A journey thousands of British families travel on each year. A heart-rending, honest and often touching memoir of a man embedded in his roots and mourning the loss of the father who nutured those roots”

I Love the Bones of You: My Father And The Making Of Me will be available on September 19 in hardcover and ebook edition.

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