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Rainbow Rowell’s Forthcoming ‘Wayward Son’ Edition Guide

BOOKSRainbow Rowell's Forthcoming 'Wayward Son' Edition Guide

Rainbow Rowell, well known for Fangirl and Carry On, will release her next book this year. The book is titled Wayward Son and is a sequel to Carry On. Over the past few months, Rowell has announced various special editions of the book available for pre-order. Listed below are a few of the editions Rowell has lined up.

Standard U.S. Edition

The standard edition is the typical, initial hardcover release of the book. It will be available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other websites for smaller companies like indie bookstores. You can also purchase it in-store anywhere books are sold. Rowell is offering signed copies of the book through her local bookstore The Bookworm.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Rowell and Kevin Wada.
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Books-A-Million Signed Edition

The special signed edition comes with the same features as the standard U.S. edition. However, this specific signed version will only be available through Books-A-Million. It will also feature an additional illustrated page by artist Jim Tierney.

Barnes & Noble Moon Edition

The moon edition of Wayward Son will have a slightly different look than the aforementioned editions. The cover features a night-time background, as well as additional endpapers specific to this edition. The jacket will include silver foil artwork and a chapter annotated by Rainbow Rowell. The moon edition is offered exclusively through Barnes & Noble, and will have some international shipping available.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Rowell and Kevin Wada.
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Indigo Sun Edition

Similar to the moon edition, the sun edition will include its own specific endpapers and gold ink on the jacket. The cover features a light blue background with a sun. It will also have a special letter written by Rainbow Rowell. It is offered through Indigo in Canada with some international shipping available.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Rowell and Kevin Wada.

Standard UK Edition

Like the U.S edition, the UK edition is the initial hardcover release offered in UK bookstores. It features a different cover, illustrated by Kevin Wada, who designed the cover for the U.S version as well. Rowell is also hoping to offer signed copies of the UK edition, but no further details have been released. The book releases in the UK October 3.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Rowell and Kevin Wada.

You can find more information about Wayward Son and the special editions on Rainbow Rowell’s website. The synopsis is also available.

Wayward Son releases in the U.S. September 24.

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