Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Lesley-Ann Brandt and Stands Collaborate for Charity

NETFLIXLUCIFERLesley-Ann Brandt and Stands Collaborate for Charity

Lesley-Ann Brandt announced yesterday on Twitter that she will be meeting with Stands this week to design merchandise for a new charity campaign. Brandt, who plays the demon Mazikeen on Lucifer, said proceeds from her #carelikeademon campaign will be split 50/50 between herself and Stands. Stands will be donating 10% of their portion to the charity of her choosing, RAICES, a non-profit that helps with immigration legal services. Brandt also added that 100% of her portion will be split, with 50% of her portion also going to RAICES and the other 50% going to help an individual mother, Nilda, and her son Keyden.

Nilda’s story can be found here.

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We look forward to seeing what Stands and Lesley-Ann come up with!

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