Cons And Beyond: We’re Going To Comic Con Germany this June

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Courtesy of Comic Con Germany

We’re right in the middle of con season, and before everyone’s attention goes towards San Diego Comic Con and other big conventions, there are a ton of smaller comic cons with great guests that we want to show you!

Courtesy of Comic Con Germany

One of them is Comic Con Germany, which will be held from June 29-30th 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Next weekend, the city’s exhibition center will transform into a home to comic book fans, cosplayers, appreciators of TV shows, movies and other classic nerd things.

Among the guests are two stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Karen Gillan, who is known for her roles as Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Amy Pond in the sci-fi classic Doctor Who, and Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Roxette in the newest Black Mirror season, will both be in attendance. There are also guests from other franchises, like Iwan Rheon, who is known for his role on Game Of Thrones, Alexander Dreymon, Lou Ferrigno, Brent Spiner, Richard Dean Anderson and Jonathan Frakes.

Courtesy of Comic Con Germany

There are also a lot of guests working in the comic industry, including artists like Mark Brooks, Mike Perkins and Kit Buss. Next to these guests, there will also be some cosplayers, fan groups and influencers present at the convention. For more information and tickets, be sure to check out the official site for Comic Con Germany right here!

Check back here for updates and a recap of the convention next week!

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