Oz Comic-Con Melbourne: Day Two Recap


The final day of a convention is always a weird juxtaposition. While it’s slower and the crowds shrink in size, allowing you to wander the floor without being glued to the masses, the atmosphere is still lit with anticipation for what’s to come. Oz Comic-Con Melbourne typically mirrors the same schedule from the day before so it’s a great time to sneak in any panel you might’ve missed or see a guest for the last time.

Autographs are a little more personal, in comparison to photo-ops, as you’re not scurried out of the photo booth after a quick nanosecond photo. Instead, you’re able to spend a few minutes conversing. In the morning, I talked to Alex Calvert, Alberto Rosende and Dominic Sherwood (who had leaned over upon Alberto signing). All engaged in conversation with me so it didn’t feel like the standard autograph session. Alex took the time to get to know me a little more from Friday night, asking questions about my writing and said how he had always found it interesting to be a journalist. Talking to Alex is like talking to a peer. He doesn’t just direct the conversation toward you to make sure you’re feeling included or take the attention off himself, but he’s attentive to every word. He did this with everyone who had lined up to see him.

If you’re at a convention with Supernatural guests then you know there will be another found on the convention floor. Abaddon, the Aussie Impala, was harder to find than most, but between the food trucks and the merchandise vendors, there she was against a black backdrop, in all of her glory. Abaddon has quite the life story. She was manufactured in Canada and then assembled in Melbourne, Australia. The featured story most likely to make its round at parties is that both Alex and Osric both spent time with her and even had heir own photo-op opportunity.

Later in the afternoon, a few furry friends were dispatched with their owners to an underground section for guests to view. Every year, as a gift from Australia, kangaroos and koalas are brought in for photo-ops. Although Dom may have been nibbled on by the kangaroo, the up close and personal approach is a foray in cuteness.

Before my schedule was jam-packed with panels, I did one final sweep of the floor and made a stop-over at an author’s table whom I’d had the pleasure of talking to on Friday night. A bestselling Australian author, Kylie Chan is known for delving into the world of magic with her trilogy: The Dark Heavens. The series centers around Emma Donahoe, who becomes the nanny of John Chen’s daughter, Simone. She soon uncovers that both gods and demons walk among them. Kylie was a delight to talk to, she told me what exactly it takes to make it as an author, and in spite of how hard that lifestyle can be, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Kylie Chan at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

My afternoon was a highlight reel of fantastic panels. If you haven’t seen Ricky Whittle (American Gods, The 100) do his thing on stage then you have gravely missed out. He’s like a little kid who’s a bundle of energy, unable to sit down as he walks the stage and interacts the audience. The day before, he ran through the audience and gave everyone a high-five. Sunday’s panel was more of a sit-down chat, but as he wriggled around and continuously put on a valley girl accent, you could tell the same level of excitement was just underneath the surface. That isn’t to say it’s strictly comedy central, Ricky’s able to construct a divide between hilarity and thoughtfulness. He spoke about his time on The 100, what would happen if Lincoln was in a room with his American Gods’ character, Shadow (lots of haircuts!) and how that role has impacted his career.

Ricky Whittle at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane

I really enjoyed my time at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. Attending conventions always keeps me refreshed and my mind centered, and this lovely trip was no exception.

Joining the Nerds and Beyond team back in February 2019, Rachel Finucane graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) majoring in Screen Arts. She’s been passionate about all things television and film-related since penning her first Neighbours fanfiction aged twelve, before inevitably taking that pen to dabble in fashion, sports, and music. She can be spotted on Twitter at @rachelfinucane_.

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