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There is no doubt that we live in a fast-paced world and it can be really difficult to find time to brush our teeth, let alone sit down and watch a TV show or movie.  When we do get the opportunity to sit still for half a minute, making that decision on what to watch becomes almost as fun as deciding where to eat.  We all know how this goes, so to cut right to the chase, I have a recommendation that will ensure your hour is not wasted.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

I made myself sit down for that hour to watch a web series that I had been seeing a lot of buzz about, Demon X.  This series is created and written by Jason Fischer, a name that Supernatural fans will instantly recognize, tells the story of a baby rescued from a group of Satanists, literally minutes after being cut from her mothers womb. This child, named Lilith, has a higher purpose and must be protected. She is sheltered, raised and trained by the Catholic Church.

Lilith is told early on that she was orphaned after her parents died in an accident.  When she turns eighteen, she learns this is far from the truth and the wheels of her fate begin to spin faster.  She discovers the secret of her heritage, her father is not only alive but is actually the Archangel Lucifer and he wants her out of the way so he can create his own Hell on earth.

Cassandra Ebner as Lilith. Image Courtesy of IMDb

Lucifer sends Damien, a demon who is also Lilith’s brother, to take her out. He is the darkness to her light, two halves of the same whole. All her training comes down to this, an epic battle between good and evil, with her entire family at the very heart of it. You learn all this and more in the first season, yet in true Supernatural style, we don’t get all the answers. The last episode is not tied up neatly with that happy ending ribbon, we are left enticed, intrigued and wanting more.

Demon X is well written and marvelously acted. Lilith is played by Canadian actress and stuntwoman, Cassandra Ebner. Ebner has learned the film industry from the bottom to the top and has acted and performed stunts on many different productions including Supernatural,  Arrow, and Game of Thrones. Her performance on GOT, as a Child of the Forest, earned her a SAG award. Her portrayal of Lilith as a tough on the outside, soft on the inside smart mouth, immediately reminded me of Dean Winchester.  Lilith is physically fit, proficient in the use of weapons and hand to hand combat. In other words, she’s a real badass. She has a comeback for everything, her off the cuff comments are the armor she uses to keep everyone at a distance.

Lilith’s protectors are Father David and Father Adrian played by J. Douglas Stewart (Arrow, Siren) and Patrick Gerber (Paper Champions.)  Father David has protected Lilith since she was born. He has known from the beginning what her heritage is and what she is destined for.  He is the only father figure Lilith has ever known. She looks up to him, respects him and trusts him.  When he finally reveals what he knows about her, it shakes her foundation to the core.

J. Douglas Stewart as Father David. Courtesy of IMDb

Father Adrian is more like a sibling to Lilith(or maybe a love interest?) This would be tricky since he IS a priest but there is a precedent for it, remember The Thorn Birds?  Feelings aside, it is Adrian’s job to teach Lilith the skills she needs to survive and win. He is her mentor and sounding board. Despite how tough Adrian is on Lilith during training, he does have compassion for her situation.  It is important to him that she has some sort of normalcy in her life on occasion, even if it’s just scarfing down burgers and shakes at a dive diner.

Father Adrian as played by Patrick Gerber. Courtesy of IMDb

Lilith’s main antagonist, Damien, is played brilliantly by Supernatural alum, Osric Chau. Damien is tough, cocky, and sarcastic, much like Lilith, but there the similarities end. He takes pleasure in torturing and killing people, he has not one speck of compassion or empathy. He does have a flair for the dramatic, however, and his fashion sense brings to mind a younger, edgier Crowley. Damien is evil incarnate and he will stop at nothing to take Lilith out, sister or not. In other words, Damien is NO Kevin Tran. This role is a major departure from that beloved character.

Osric Chau as Damien. Courtesy of IMDb

If you can’t tell by now, I really enjoyed this series and I’m not the only one. Demon X has been racking up film festival invitations and nominations over the past several months. The most recent of these, an official nomination into the Seoul Webfest in Seoul, South Korea. The series is also an official selection for Best VFX and Best Horror/Thriller by T.O. WEBFEST in Toronto, Ontario.  This Canadian film festival will be held in July and is specifically for web series and podcasts from around the world.  Demon X racked up more nominations this past April for Best VFX, Best Sound Design and Best Series from the die-Seriale digital film festival in Giessen, Germany. Winners from this festival will be announced in the next few days. In March 2019, the series won Best Fantasy at the HollyWeb Festival in California.

So now is the time that you set aside that hour for yourself and watch the highly entertaining first season. Each of the ten episodes is approximately five minutes long but they all pack a serious punch. Demon X is streaming now on Amazon Prime, YouTube, SeekaTV and the Demon X Facebook page. The more traction and attention the series gets, the more likely we are to see Lilith and the demons return for a second season!


Deb joined the staff of Nerds and Beyond early in 2018. She lives in Northeast Oklahoma with her husband, Kevin and works full time as a veterinary technician. She has a B.S. in Criminal Justice with an English minor from Langston University. Her hobbies include, writing fanfiction(especially Supernatural!), reading, gardening, and going to fan conventions. Deb and her husband have begun restoring their own personal ‘Baby’ named ‘Amara D. Impala’ and hope to have her on the road soon. They recently added Castiel’s Lincoln Mark V, appropriately named ‘Feathers’, to the fleet for restoration. You can find Deb on Twitter @Classichassis.

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