‘One Day Fan Meet’: Meeting The Cast of ‘The 100’ in Paris

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Courtesy of Muriel Forir.
Courtesy of UltimEvents.

Warning! Possible spoilers for season six ahead!

I have been watching The 100 for a while and always wanted to attend a convention to meet the cast, but I never got around it until recently. A friend of mine convinced me to go the fan meet that UltimEvents was organizing on June 8 in Paris. The fan meet took place at the Hotel Laurel Evergreen. Five actors from the show attended: Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller), Sachin Sahel (Eric Jackson), Tasya Teles (Echo), Chelsey Reist (Harper McIntyre) and William Miller (Paxton McCreary).

One of the reasons I decided to attend this event, rather than a bigger convention with more guests, is that I didn’t know what to expect. I am fairly used to doing Supernatural conventions, but I rarely do conventions for other shows. I also never did an event with this organization. I thought a small event like this (around 200 people were attending) was a good place to start. Another good point for this event was the affordable entrance fee (30 €). Extras were also fairly priced. The event itself was similar to other conventions I have been to before, with photo ops, autographs, panels, and meet and greets with the guests. A translator, Dan Cardoso, was there to translate the panels for people who did not speak English.

I arrived at the hotel early since it was not possible to get the passes the day before for this event. The registration process was quick and we waited to enter the panel room for the opening ceremony. Before starting the day, Sachin came on stage to talk about a project that he is going to launch and distributed badges for this project to the audience. He specifically asked for us to not film it, but I thought it was a really nice idea and hopefully he will share more information about it soon.

Sachin Sahel. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

After that, the opening ceremony started and was followed by William Miller’s panel, which was really interesting. He talked about how he came to be an actor; his family came to live in Spain when he was little and his mother was part of a troupe so he was always backstage and loved it. He took drama class during his school days. He was a musician, an archaeologist and finally became an actor later. Moving at such a young age helped him learn Spanish and Catalan, and he also learned French by spending holidays at his grandmother’s place in France. An attendee asked him with which actor he was closest on the set. William answered that he became close with Ivana Milicevic (Charmaine Dioza) and Jordan Bolger (Miles Shaw) because like him, they were the new people on the show, but that all of the cast was really welcoming — especially Eliza, who took them out. It was an easy set to be part of.

Someone asked him what his favorite scene of season five was and he replied that he liked the torture scenes, especially the one where his character tortured Shaw with a big claw (which was a functioning claw created by the prop department!) William told us he was kind of sad to not be the one killing Shaw and that Jordan also thought it should be him. My personal favorite moment was when William recalled travelling in Egypt at eighteen and going on a horse ride between Gizeh and Saqqara (initially it was going to be a camel ride, but the camel kept trying to bite him.)

William Miller. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

The second panel of the day was Jarod Joseph’s. A fan asked him which character he would want to be if he wasn’t playing Miller. Jarod answered Bellamy, because he would get to do everything. Someone else asked what role he would like to play and Jarod said he would love to be in a Martin Scorsese film and that he liked to play imperfect characters. Jarod also talked about renting a studio and doing a podcast or a Youtube show where he can talk with people (I really hope he does it.) I sadly had to leave the panel early to go to a photo session and I also missed Tasya Teles’ panel.

Jarod Joseph. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

After an interruption for lunch, it was time for Sachin Sahel’s panel. When asked what kind of roles he would like to do, Sachin answered he would like to play more fun roles, something like Peaky Blinders or a role in an HBO show. He also added that he would like to play an Indian superhero who is not a stereotypical snake charmer. His favorite Disney princess is Jasmine because, despite having everything in the palace, she went out in the world because she wanted to experience things. His favorite superhero is Captain America because before being a superhero, he didn’t hesitate to throw himself on a grenade to save his comrades and was still a good man after becoming a superhero.

Sachin Sahel. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

I couldn’t stay for Chelsey’s panel because I had to go to Jarod Joseph’s meet and greet, but she came into the panel room after finishing her autographs because she wanted to spend more time with attendees.

Chelsey Reist. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

Chelsey answered questions from the audience. She likes crime shows and some of her favorites movies are Natural Born Killers and True Romance. Regarding her favorite Disney movies, she answered that she preferred older ones like Aladdin or The Little Mermaid. A fan asked about her favorite season of The 100, and she answered that it was a tie between two and three because in the second season everyone was still alive. Chelsey would like to work with Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino, Leo Di Caprio and Scarlett Johansson. Chelsey was soon joined on stage by Sachin and they begin to take weird questions from the audience, which was hilarious.

Sachin Sahel and Chelsey Reist. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

Jarod and Tasya joined them on stage, too. William had to leave early because he had a plane to catch. They talked a bit about weird things they have done (Tasya once walked through a car wash!)

Tasya Teles. Courtesy of Staff Writer, Muriel Forir

Soon after, it was time for the closing ceremony and the guests left.

Going to this event was a really good decision, even if not everything was perfect. Autograph queues were long, although I only got two autographs. I didn’t mind, though, because with all of the activities happening in one day, it was to be expected. Photo sessions queues were not too long and the staff were very helpful. I had a small problem with an autograph and I talked to Donia, the organizer, and it was immediately resolved. I don’t usually care much for translation at French conventions because I understand English very well but Dan, the translator, was great, funny and had clearly a good relationship with the guests. I saw him before at another convention a few years back and it confirmed my opinion that he is a great master of ceremony.

Like I said earlier, it was my first event in The 100 fandom and with this organizer. It won’t be my last. I really enjoyed the day and meeting the cast was great. You can see they really care about the fans and that they developed a great relation with the staff and the fans across the different conventions organized by UltimEvents.

UltimEvents has already organized four Space Walkers conventions and they will be back next year with a fifth edition on February 22-23. You can find more information about Space Walkers 5 here.

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