Sunday, March 26, 2023

Chance to Win Lauren Shippen’s Debut Novel ‘The Infinite Noise’

BOOKSChance to Win Lauren Shippen's Debut Novel 'The Infinite Noise'

To celebrate pride month, YA publisher Tor Teen is holding a giveaway of 50 signed copies of Lauren Shippen’s debut novel The Infinite Noise. The contest is run by Good Reads and is active from June 10 to July 1.

Enter for a chance to win one of these signed copies here!

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The Infinite Noise follows Caleb Michaels, a high school football player who gets sent to see therapist Dr. Bright after being involved in a fight. All of her clients are “atypical,” including Caleb, who soon learns he is an empath. We also meet the intelligent and introverted Adam Hayes and, as the story progresses, he and Caleb spend more time together and get closer; eventually, Adam becomes an anchor for him. As sparks fly, both characters develop a deep connection with one another.

The Infinite Noise is a beautiful multi-layered YA LGBTQ coming-of-age love story.

Lauren Shippen‘s debut YA novel The Infinite Noise will be released September 24, 2019. And you can read a review of the novel here.

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