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Osric Chau Talks ‘Empty By Design’ At Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

CONVENTIONSOsric Chau Talks 'Empty By Design' At Oz Comic-Con Melbourne
Osric Chau and Alex Calvert at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

When Osric Chau isn’t busy taking on the convention circuit, he’s most likely found working on a variety of projects. Empty by Design, a short film that serves as his producing debut (and in which he stars), is one of the many projects he talked about at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne during his panel with Supernatural’s Alex Calvert.

“I produced and acted in my first feature film last year. It’s called Empty By Design. We’re just starting the film festival circuit, and it’s my first feature film as a producer which is the big thing, and it just opened up a world of possibilities in my mind.”

In addition to this film, he has also finished writing a feature film script that takes place in Hawaii.

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“So, I just started writing again. I just finished my second feature film ever that I wrote. And I still like it,” he joked.

“That’s a big deal,” Calvert chimed in.”It’s a really big deal. I won’t even look at my first one ever. Ten-year plan, I want to be producing and acting as well. Maybe by that time I want to try directing once, at least, and see where it goes from there. But I love the behind-the-camera stuff.”

Making note that when it comes time to pitch a project to investors, Chau feels empowered: “We got to create opportunities. We got to create jobs.”

The panel carried out a verbal riff-off between the two actors, not only starting an interesting conversation about how working behind the camera has affected Chau’s take on acting, but becoming brutally funny when it’s time for the inevitable prank question.

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“Me and Osric are actually a part of the collective Padalecki, Ackles, Misha Collins lawsuit that we are launching this year,” Calvert kidded after recounting Jack’s unfortunate illness throughout the first half of season 14. Chau finished off by laughing about how it’s the reason Supernatural is ending. The series simply became “a little too gnarly.”

Nerds and Beyond is covering Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, so keep an eye out for updates!

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