Family Business Beer Company: First Annual Family Reunion


June 2 marked the final day of the first annual Family Reunion at Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs, Texas. The fun kicked off on Friday and ran all weekend, and we just so happened to have two writers in attendance on Sunday! Not only will both writers tell you about the day from their perspective, you will also get the full beer release schedule from the entire weekend, as well as a bit about the musical performances from the final day.


I got there just before they opened up for the day and the line quickly grew behind me. I went to my typical spot just outside the garage door and waited for the music to start. First up was Luke LaGrange, the set was full of songs that had everyone singing and clapping along. On many of the upbeat songs, several of the parents around me grabbed their young children and began to dance with them wrapped in their arms. It was moments like that, that would make it obvious to any passerby what this family reunion was about. It was not about beer, it was not about selling merchandise and making money, it truly was about family. It was about bringing people together with great music, great food, and a common interest.

Next up was Samantha Lee and The Family Tree. This band definitely has a new fan in me. Sam has a strong, beautiful voice that is also incredibly versatile. It did not matter what song she sang, she made you feel the song, and the music accompanying only served to heighten the beauty of it all.

Image Courtesy of Amanda Slater


Family Business Beer Company is always a blast, so I knew I had to stop by for their “family reunion” event. I arrived at the brewery a little after they opened, about 11:15 a.m. As soon as I walked into the tap room, the sounds of Luke LaGrange filled my ears and I knew it would be a great day. I immediately got in line to buy myself my favorite beer they make, the Summer Spree. The crisp, fruity flavor of Family Business Beer Company’s Summer Spree made the hot, humid Texas air less stifling. With refreshment in hand, I headed into the merch room and bought one of their new t-shirts. I always feel a small rush of pride whenever I wear a shirt supporting some of my favorite people. Some friends and I sat at one of the tables inside and began catching up while the brewery buzzed with excitement. People all around us made new friends, played with some furry friends, sang along to the music and, of course, waited in anticipation to see if Jensen and Danneel Ackles would show up.

Once Samantha Lee and The Family Tree hit the stage, my friends and I stood up around our table and started dancing along to the music. The atmosphere of the brewery was so pure and exciting, allowing people to be themselves without worrying about being judged. Honestly, that’s the best thing about this “family.” It’s a judgement free zone, and it’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, I work on the weekends so I knew I couldn’t stay long. Honestly, I was just happy to be able to attend, see friends and support this amazing local business. As I was packing up to head on over to work, I saw Danneel walk by. Danneel Ackles is truly one of my biggest inspirations, so I knew I had to get a quick picture. She was so nice and fun to talk to, even if it was for a short amount of time. It was the best way my family reunion experience could have ended. While this weekend-long event seemed to be a thank you for everyone supporting the brewery since it has opened, we should be the ones to thank them. So thank you to all the employees at Family Business Beer Company for working so tirelessly to make this weekend fun for everyone who came, no matter their age. Thank you to the performers for putting on an amazing show. And, certainly last but not least, thank you to Jensen and Danneel for making fans who attended feel important and for opening up this beautiful oasis where we can truly have a good time while being ourselves.

Sunday’s Musical Performances:

Luke LaGrange and guest. Image Courtesy of Amanda Slater

First up was Luke LaGrange (You can find Luke on Twitter @TheLukeLaGrange, and on Facebook here), Luke was joined on stage by two other performers whose names we did not catch, they played a three hour set including songs by Jerry Reed, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, George Jones, Otis Redding, Chris Stapleton, and more. Luke typically plays Texas Country music and Americana; this set consisted of mostly Americana with a dabble of country music.

Samantha Lee and The Family Tree. Image courtesy of Amanda Slater

Second was Samantha Lee and The Family Tree (You can find the band on Facebook here), the five piece consists of Samantha Lee Bridwell, Ron Bridwell, Miles McDonald, Jackson Conrad, and Ben Cunningham. The band played a three hour set including songs by Vance Joy, Ben E. King, Meghan Trainor, Gnarls Barkley, and more. The band typically plays a combination of Rock and Soul, and this set did not stray from that, it was a great combination of the two.

Image courtesy of Havens Edge Facebook

Rounding out the day, also playing a three hour set was Havens Edge (You can find the band on Facebook here). This was one set we missed, but the three piece band consists of Fred Whisenhunt, Richard Mahan, and Rick Valera. The band typically plays 70’s/early 80’s Rock and Blues with a hint of Jazz and Funk.


Taco Baby and Espadas De Brazil both had their food trucks in attendance and provided visitors with a wide variety of amazing food.

Full beer release schedule:

Friday: At 2pm the ‘Waterloo Sunset’ was released, described as an “English-style Summer Ale.” At 5pm the ‘Barrel-Aged Grackle’ was released, described as a “2018 Imperial Stout aged in Garrison Bros. Bourbon Barrels.” At 7pm the ‘Summer Spree’ was released, described as a “Berliner Weisse with Watermelon & Basil.”

Saturday: At 1pm the ‘Rancho Relaxo’ was released, described as a “sweet stout with Ancho Chile & Vanilla Bean.” At 3pm the ‘Barrel-Aged Farm Stuff’ was released, described as a “Saison with Brettanomyces & Satsuma Oranges.” At 5:30pm the ‘Cask-Conditioned Golden Hop’ was released, described as a “German-style Pils dry-hopped with Idaho 7.”

Sunday: At 1 pm the ‘Proto’ was released, described as a “double IPA.” At 3pm, the ‘Barrel-Aged Winter Warmer’ was released, described as a “English dark ale aged in Treaty Oak Bourbon barrels.” At 5:30pm the ‘Cask-Conditioned Waterloo Sunset’ was released, described as an “English-style summer ale.”


We would like to say thank you to Jensen and Danneel Ackles, and Family Business Beer Company for putting this event together. Thank you to Taco Baby and Espadas De Brazil for providing their amazing food. Thank you to Luke LaGrange, Samantha Lee and The Family Tree, and Havens Edge for providing us with their fantastic music. We can’t wait for next year!

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