‘Slasher’ Season Three Now Available on Netflix

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Courtesy of Netflix.
Courtesy of Netflix.

The third season of the Netflix original series Slasher is now officially available and is named Solstice! Slasher is an anthology horror series featuring a new mystery each season. The seasons are composed of eight episodes which take place over the course of one day.

Lisa Berry (Billie on Supernatural) plays Detective Roberta Benson, Salvatore Antonio (Remedy) plays Angel Lopez, Dean McDermott (who played different characters in the first two seasons) is Dan Olensky.

Wikipedia describes the plot as:

Slashers 8-episode third season centers around a mysterious killer known as the “The Druid”, who hunts down and kills a group of urbanites during the summer solstice, due to their complicity in not saving a young male victim from being killed, in the previous year, in front of their apartment complex.

Check out the trailer here:

Slasher: Solstice is available internationally on Netflix.

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