’Lucifer’ Season Four, Episode Seven Recap: ”Devil Is As Devil Does”

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Image courtesy of Netflix.
Image courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 7 of the new season of Lucifer, “Devil Is as Devil Does,” is yet another fantastic episode in the series! It was brilliantly directed by Richard Speight, Jr., who many in the Supernatural fandom will recognize as both a recurring director of the series and the actor who portrays the angel “Gabriel.”

Spoilers ahead!

The episode starts with Lucifer and Eve’s voiceover, talking about how exhilarating it is for Lucifer to punish the bad guys, as we see a man struggle to crawl away before he is fatally shot. It fades into Lucifer and Eve lying in bed, with her begging for more bad guys to punish.

Elsewhere, Chloe and Dan talk to Julian McCaffrey, the cop killer that Lucifer had punished in the previous episode. Julian had confessed to all his crimes, but suspicions arise when he admits he will be safe in prison. They wonder if someone else broke his back, but Julian swears he just fell, clearly frightened. When Dan pulls Chloe aside, he is convinced it is Lucifer’s doing, based on Julian’s reaction. Chloe is not buying it; she thinks Dan just has it out for Lucifer because of Charlotte.

Image courtesy of Netflix.

On a rooftop looking over the city, Amenadiel and Remiel have a talk. She can understand why Lucifer would mingle with humans, but she can not understand why Amenadiel would have a child with a human. She is set in her ways, but he has grown to better understand humankind. She even realizes Amenadiel no longer has his powers, for which he is glad, because now he is closer to humanity without them.

At the crime scene, Ella is going over what happened to the victim from the opening scene (who was shot and then tossed off a bridge, breaking his bones) to Chloe. Ella suspects he was a drug dealer based on the fact he was in possession of drugs, but there was no sign of drug use. Just as Ella questions where Lucifer is, he drives up with Eve by his side. Chloe tries to state that crime scenes are “no visitors allowed.” When Chloe pulls Lucifer aside, she reiterates to him that he cannot just solve a murder for fun. With that, Lucifer is determined that he and Eve will find the murderer on their own. That makes Chloe quickly change her mind, and Eve is now on the case!

Back at the police station, Eve looks over all the wanted posters on the bulletin board, wanting to punish them all. Lucifer tells her ”One criminal at a time,” while Chloe says on the phone, ”No, I will not accept his call.”

Dan meets up with Ella in the lab. He is not too happy about Lucifer bringing his girlfriend to a case, but Ella is very happy-go-lucky during this episode and believes everyone should do whatever makes them happy. But what Dan is really there for is to find out if anyone is investigating what really happened to McCaffrey. There was never a charge filed, and Ella continues that the house was also professionally cleaned. He exits, and Lucifer, Chloe, and Eve enter the lab. She has found a clue from the gun marks: gold flakes. That leads them to their first suspect, Greg ”Pony Boy” Grabowski.

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Meanwhile, Maze talks to the baby after finding out that the baby can hear everything from inside the womb. She tells her story of being a newborn demon. She was small but fast. As she said, she ”always went for the major arteries.” Linda cuts her off when the story veers into talks of Maze’s loins. In classic Maze fashion, she does not quite understand why someone would not want to hear a story about graphic murder. Maze is also hellbent on going with Linda to work and protecting her. Though, Linda is convinced she does not need to be protected.

Back at the station, Dan dumps trash on to a table and starts sifting through it. He tells Ella he paid off the cleaning crew to obtain the trash. He does find something: a cigarette. Even more than that, he knows it is Lucifer’s brand.

At a gym, Chloe, Lucifer and Eve track down Greg. Much to Lucifer and Eve’s chagrin, he does not resist arrest. He has done it too many times before to know he just has to wait for his lawyer. So Lucifer uses his devil trick of persuasion to find out what Greg truly desires. His response is that he wishes his boss would let him kill Sam. Greg is still brought in handcuffed for questioning, while Lucifer and Eve make out.

Chloe works on a lead that hit men are paid through shell companies. It leads back to Jacob Tiernan, McCaffrey’s father. This has Ella questioning if the cases are somehow tied together, and Lucifer happens to overhear that may be why the victim’s bones were broken in the exact same place. This angers Lucifer, because he knows that he is the one who paralyzed McCaffrey, which means Tiernan killed an innocent man.

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Chloe, Lucifer, and Eve go to question Tiernan in his office. Tiernan gets defensive and says that his son was not a good man and knew a lot of bad people. He even claims he does not know Greg Grabowski. He also says he has a lot of companies that pay a lot of people. Lucifer has no patience for his story — he know Tiernan is guilty and brings up that McCaffrey said his father was an even worse man than he was. With that, Tiernan wants them gone because they have no cause. Lucifer, however, wants Chloe to leave the room so he can do what he does best. Eve acts like the devil on, well, the Devil’s shoulder, begging him to punish Tiernan. Chloe acts like the angel, on the other shoulder, begging him to stop and that Tiernan will be (legally) punished. Chloe wins, and Lucifer walks out with the promise that it is not over.

Back at the headquarters, they discuss their options. Clearly, Tiernan will lawyer up big time, now that Lucifer raged out on him… and Greg already posted bail. And it all leaves Chloe to wonder what is wrong with Lucifer. She is convinced Eve is a bad influence on him. But Lucifer is convinced he needs to punish people. He believes that when he does not, bad things happen. (Lucifer is still clearly majorly affected by the cop’s murder in the previous episode.) He goes on to admit to a tearful Chloe that he was the one who paralyzed McCaffrey. And to top off everything, Lucifer is also still dealing with the fact that Chloe cannot accept him for who he truly is.

This time, Dan meets with Tiernan in his office. Dan tells him everything: that his son was pushed down that hill, and that they cannot make an arrest because there is not enough proof. He knows Tiernan is a powerful man and can hold Lucifer accountable.

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Ella points out another clue back at the station: a ring pried off the victim’s finger. But Chloe’s mind is elsewhere. She wonders if celestial justice even exists, and if it does, why bother with the jobs they do. Ella believed they all did their part to keep people safe, but now she believes they need to hold people accountable, because no one else will. She brings up the major point that the Devil has been painted to be all evil, but he started out as an angel. That is what clears things up for Chloe — that, at the heart of it, Lucifer is an angel.

We check back in with Amenadiel, who took Remiel to a park where children are playing. Amenadiel sees how wonderful parenthood will be, but Remiel just sees weakness all around her. She believes Amenadiel will become just as weak as they are. So, Remiel does what she thinks is best for the child: she flies off to take the child. She got the scent of his child earlier. Wings out, Amenadiel leaves to try and stop her.

Meanwhile, Linda has the sense someone is following her. She tries to figure out who it could be, but it is just Maze who was following her. Maze just wants to protect ”our baby.” Linda tries to softly discourage her by telling Maze she just needs some space.

Amenadiel is gearing up for a fight with Remiel. She breaks her double-ended spear in half, tossing part of it to him in order to make it a fair fight. The battle for his son is on, while they both argue their points on what’s best for him. Amenadiel is the winning opponent, and Remiel agrees to respect his decision to raise his son on Earth.

At Chloe’s house, Trixie overhears her mom calling Maze to see what may be wrong with Lucifer. Chloe tells Trixie that Lucifer is just going through something, but Trixie counteracts by pointing out that that is when someone needs a friend the most. Chloe just does not think she is that friend.

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Meanwhile, Eve is getting frustrated that no one is getting punished and is convinced that Lucifer is just stalling. Moreover, she thinks it is because of Chloe and that she is a bad influence on him. Their discussion is cut short when Trixie arrives. She starts playing with everything in his penthouse. When she finally settles, she admits she thought Lucifer needed a friend. Then she gives a bit of a stink eye to Eve when she sees that Lucifer already has one.

While Chloe tells Dan she thinks Tiernan is involved (and he is extremely nervous after what he did), Trixie asks a bunch of quickfire questions to Eve to figure out what she is all about. She just wants to make sure she is good for Lucifer. But trouble brews when two of Tiernan’s thugs show up with guns. Eve quickly shields Trixie to protect her and shouts for Lucifer.

The thugs do not get a chance to shoot as Lucifer makes his presence known. It gives Eve and Trixie time to run away and hide. Lucifer himself is interrupted as Dan and Chloe arrive with backup. Dan and Chloe’s focus is Trixie and are relieved to see she is safe.

With a few minutes alone, Lucifer tells Chloe he would do anything to ”protect that little urchin.” She knows, and she also knows what Lucifer is going to do with Tiernan. She says once again that she will punish Tiernan, but legally. She believes in right and wrong, and she believes Lucifer does, too. She uses the devil-and-angel bit. But he is worried because he never checked to see if his wings were still there. Before Chloe leaves, she hugs Eve and thanks her for protecting Trixie. Lucifer tells Eve that Tiernan will get what he deserves, but that he has to do it on his own.

At the station, Chloe and Dan now have Greg on an attempted murder charges, so he confesses everything. Surprisingly, when Greg brings up that someone told Tiernan Lucifer paralyzed McCaffrey, he covers for Dan. Chloe goes back to something Greg said as he was confessing: asking about family heirlooms and if that could include a ring (Ella’s clue from earlier).

The scene cuts to Tiernan hanging up the phone, ring on his finger. He is waiting for word from his thugs, which makes him decide to get his jet ready and leave town for awhile. He does not get the chance to leave his office because Lucifer arrives, devil eyes aglow.

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Chloe, Dan, and Ella search through photos for proof that the victim had the ring, and now Tiernan. Chloe is trying to work fast so they can get to him before anyone else (Lucifer) does. Just as they find the photographic evidence they need, Lucifer walks into the station with a handcuffed Tiernan. (Looks like Chloe got through to Lucifer.) He does admit to Chloe that maybe he went a little too far recently, which leads Chloe to believe he looked to see if his wings were there. You can tell Lucifer is hiding something as he says he did.

Linda gets a late night cup of tea and once again finds Maze hiding with her knife. Linda questions if Maze is in love with her. Maze is looking for more, more than she and her baby can give. A partner. That chat is interrupted when Linda’s phone buzzes.

Ella is wrapping up the case late at night when Dan enters her lab. He is feeling lost, but so is she. Neither of them want to talk about it, though. They laugh, until their hands touch. They look at each other, and then the heat is on. They kiss, and it is instantly hot and heavy between the two.

The result of Chloe’s earlier phone call leads her to meet Father Kinley outside his cell. She tells them they have nothing to talk about, because Lucifer is a good man.

The scene cuts to Linda entering Lucifer’s home and calling for him. It was he who texted her. He is hiding in the dark, sounding like he is on the verge of hyperventilating. He is clearly scared about something. He asks for help; he does not want to be a monster. She asks what is wrong, and he responds it is his wings. He says his wings are still there.

The scene goes back to Father Kinley, trying to tell Chloe about the prophecy. He thought it was about her, but now he knows he is wrong. The words ”first love” stops Chloe in her tracks. She knows about Eve. And Father Kinley can tell that Chloe knows who the prophecy truly refers to.

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We return to Lucifer who stands up and paces, ranting that it is really bad and he does not understand why. Father Kinley tells Chloe the prophecy, that when the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released. As he says this, Lucifer reveals his wings to Linda. The wings are no longer white, feathery, and angelic. They are red, almost bat-like, adorned with horns and every bit as devilish as they can get.

Be sure to check out the amazing season 4 of Lucifer, now on Netflix! And be sure to read our previous episode recaps, and stay tuned right here on Nerds and Beyond for more!

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