Stands and Rachel Miner Release Demoncorn Charm

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This year, Stands is working with the cast of Supernatural to release a charm benefiting a charity close to their heart that reflects both them and the character they played on the show. Today Rachel Miner, our resident unicorn, released her Demoncorn charm, and it could not be more fitting! The charm is of the mythical creature, but instead of rainbows it’s coloring is all black, reflecting the demon Rachel played on the show, Meg. Rachel says the charm is meant to reflect everyone’s inner rainbow. “Here’s a small reminder of something I’ve learned – No matter what you’ve lived through or how people see you, your light shines through.”

The proceeds of the sale will go to Random Acts, where Rachel serves as Executive Director. Random Act’s mission is to change the world one act of kindness at a time, so it’s fitting that Stands is also implementing a “match” program, where people can purchase extra charms to be donated to people who would like one, but cannot afford it. You can check out Rachel’s twitter for more information on how to participate.

This limited edition charm is only on sale through May 21, so act fast! You can also check out their year round charms, as well purchase the bracelet/necklace chain to keep them on by visitng


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