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To celebrate the upcoming release of Lucifer‘s fourth season on Netflix on May 8th, we will be bringing you spotlights of our favorite characters from the series over the next several days. We will give you some of our characters’ favorite moments (their best and their funniest), along with a short refresher on what went down prior to the moment occurring.

Aside from this article, the lineup will include Amenadiel, Chloe, Daniel, Ella, Linda, Trixie, and Maze! All of these characters come together to create one of our favorite shows. So let’s get started!

Who is Lucifer?: Back in season one, Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) rolled into the show (and our hearts), driving a 1962 Corvette. His brutally honest, cunning, and sarcastic personality made him an instant hit, and he has never wavered in his ultimate goal: to fight true evil.

Narrowing down Lucifer’s top three “best” moments is not a simple feat. Every episode is filled with moments of strength, passion, and endurance. But for the sake of not making this article about every single episode of the show, I focused on the most significant moments.

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He helps Detective Decker find Delilah’s killer: I can not skip the moment we first understood why Lucifer was on Earth (to fight true evil), so I am starting at a moment in the first season’s first episode, titled “Pilot.” One of the first few interactions we see Lucifer have with a human is with a woman named Delilah, who is soon killed. Lucifer sets out to find her true killer, joining forces with Detective Decker along the way.

I say this is one of Lucifer’s best moments, because we see who he really is: someone who wants to fight evil just as much, if not more, than the next person. We see Lucifer’s determination to find Deliliah’s true killer, even though the LAPD doesn’t seem very interested in pursuing the matter. This episode gives us the basis of all future episodes: it tells us who Lucifer is, rather than who we thought he would be.

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He risks getting stuck in Hell to save Chloe: In season two, episode 13, “A Good Day to Die,” Chloe is poisoned by a disgraced and recently deceased professor. Lucifer vows to find the antidote that will save her life. The problem with that? Though they have the ingredients, the professor was the only one that knew the formula. And since he is dead, this means Lucifer must travel back to Hell, the place he has been avoiding since the beginning of season one. He must find the doctor and convince him to give up the formula.

This plan does not give a guaranteed outcome; Lucifer may not be able to get back out of Hell once he is in. As Maze states: “Once you do, you could be trapped forever.”

Lucifer knew he could very easily be trapped in Hell if he went back, even for a short amount of time, and still went on with his mission to get the formula from the professor, taking a chance that he would get back to Earth in time to save Chloe (an “insignificant human life,” as his mother puts it). This shows Lucifer’s dedication to Chloe and to her well-being. Granted, while he is in Hell, he does punish the professor for his actions by making him believe he can be brought out of Hell, despite having no intention of following through, which is par for the course given Lucifer’s past.

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He protected Chloe with his wings: In season 3, episode 24 “A Devil of My Word,” Dan, Chloe, and Lucifer are closing in on the Sinnerman and Charlotte Richards’ killer. Lucifer and Chloe head to an address of an informant’s sister. Upon arrival, Chloe and Lucifer realize (too late) that they have been set up and cannot escape the ambush. As a hail of gunfire rains down, Lucifer reveals his wings and covers Chloe.

We learned very early on in the series that, although Lucifer is meant to be an immortal being, he does become vulnerable and mortal when Chloe is anywhere near him. So as the camera pans around the two, who are engulfed in his wings, we see the pristine white quickly become blood stained, as Lucifer yells out with a clear pained expression. Once again, Lucifer has risked his life to do something you would never expect from the Devil.

Now, onto some of his funnier moments:

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“That’s a hooker’s name”: Once again, I will kick this off with a moment from the very first episode, when Lucifer and Trixie meet for the first time. While investigating a murder and simultaneously trying to take Lucifer to jail, Detective Decker gets a phone call that her daughter has been in a fight at school. Decker parks at the school and runs inside. Lucifer slips out of the police car, attempting to follow Decker into the school (sneaky Devil) but loses her in the school hallway. He sits down next to a young girl and flicks his lighter, much to her dismay; as the two begin to talk, Lucifer realizes just who the young girl is, our prized fighter. He introduces himself, and the young girl says everyone calls her Trixie, to which he replies, “that’s a hooker’s name.”

At this point in the series, Trixie was very young, and obviously so. But honestly, what do you expect from the Lord of Hell himself? At least he did not show her his Devil eyes. Well, he showed them in this scene… just not to Trixie… it was another young girl but that is not the point.

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“I love a good rave!”: In season 2, episode 16 “God Johnson,” Lucifer believes he has stumbled upon his father in an insane asylum of all places, so naturally, he gets himself committed. After a bit of time, the suspected father/son duo decide to break out of their home, and plan their great escape. Lucifer calls a meeting with his new found neighbors and assigns them each a task to aid in the escape. One woman reveals she wants to turn the lights on and off, to which Lucifer replies: “Good! Go! I love a good rave!”

Honestly, this would be funny no matter the circumstances. But when it is Lucifer and God partaking in this conversation with no real intention of these things happening, it just adds to the comedy.

The entire episode: Season 3, episode 13 “Til Death Do Us Part” gave us arguably the funniest episode in the entire series, which is why I can’t just choose one moment. We get to see our favorite Devil go undercover with the stoic Marcus Pierce and see them portray a couple in suburbia. From Lucifer giving Pierce a pet name, to threatening notes regarding lawn care, to an American flag-speedo-wearing Lucifer, the entertainment never stopped.

Watching two individuals that do not particularly get along be forced to go undercover and act as though they love each other was bound to be comedic. But it far exceeded my expectations. Tom Welling played the part of an annoyed Marcus Pierce perfectly, and Tom Ellis, as usual, played Lucifer with an incredible energy that simply cannot be matched.

This cast is chock-full of individuals that never cease to amaze, no matter what the episode entails. They have each proven to be immense talents capable of portraying all emotions, and that is only part of what keeps us coming back episode after episode.

Let us know what your favorite Lucifer moments are, and be on the lookout for our next Lucifer character spotlight!

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