Tuesday, March 28, 2023

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Now Available on Netflix

TELEVISIONNETFLIX‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Now Available on Netflix
Image Courtesy The CW.

Whether you’ve been watching Roswell, New Mexico from day one or have yet to take the plunge, we have good news for you: Roswell, New Mexico is available on Netflix as of today! Just one week after the killer season finale fans are already itching for more. While there is still a while to go before season two, the chance to watch the full 13 episode series start to finish will certainly help.

If you have yet to watch this amazingly binge worthy series, now is the time. It’s based loosely on the book series Roswell High and the ‘90s television show Roswell, picking up 10 years after the main characters have graduated high school.

Roswell, New Mexico follows the story of biomedical researcher Liz Ortecho who is forced to move home after government budget cuts end her project. She left Roswell in the dust following the death of her older sister, Rosa, nearly 10 years ago, but is now faced with those mysterious circumstances and unanswered questions yet again.

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While back home she reconnects with her high school crush Max Evans, but as she navigates this potential new relationship she soon discovers Max, his sister Isobel, and his best friend Michael Guerin are actually alien beings with varying abilities. Liz soon discovers everything is not as it seems with Rosa’s death and a possible government conspiracy threatens the safety of Max and his family.

Michael Vlamis, Nathan Dean Parsons and Lily Cowles in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ – Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

Already a fan but need more Roswell, New Mexico content in your life? Check out our interviews with Nathan Parsons (Max Evans) and Michael Vlamis (Michael Guerin) while you rewatch the series on Netflix.

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