Is Mazikeen Getting a Girlfriend? Lesley-Ann Brandt Talks “Lucifer” Season 4 at ClexaCon

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On May 8, everyone’s favorite devil is back. Lucifer’s triumphant return after its cancellation by Fox is mere days away. And although the show has moved to Netflix, it appears that life for Lucifer is as dangerous and decadent as ever.  

In the first full length trailer for season four, we see some of the emotional fallout from the previous season, and an ominous prophecy of a coming evil. We meet a new character named Eve (“as in, Adam and Eve”), who is potentially the harbinger of this new evil. She is also teased as a possible love interest for Lucifer. It’s safe to say we can expect choppy waters for the perpetually embattled good ship Deckerstar. But Lucifer isn’t the only character whose love life is teased in the new trailer. Flying a bit under the radar are a few quick frames with Eve and the demon bounty hunter Mazikeen. Although it is established that Mazikeen is attracted to women, she has not had an actual female love interest on the show. So is Eve really Lucifer’s love interest, or is Mazikeen getting her first onscreen girlfriend? To be fair, with this show it could be both. Simultaneously.

Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Mazikeen, rewarded eagle eyed fans on Twitter with a coy response.

In addition to this tease from the trailer, Brandt was a guest at ClexaCon earlier in the month, where she dropped hints about what’s in store for Mazikeen. ClexaCon is a multi-fandom convention for LGBTQ women and allies. At the convention, Brandt presented a one woman Lucifer panel (moderated by Valerie Complex), posed for pictures, and signed autographs for fans. During fan interactions, the same question kept popping up.

During Brandt’s panel, (where her South African accent and ready humor contrast starkly with her on screen characterization of Mazikeen), she attempted to answer these questions while avoiding spoilers.

First, Brandt said that “Starting with episodes seven, through definitely nine, there’s some good sh*t.” She said that season four for Mazikeen will be about “Who is the person for her? What does love look like?” Later in the panel she discussed how to approach these issues, saying “If you’re gonna have her be with a girl, make it real. Don’t have it be from like a straight man’s perspective, which is often very sexualized and pornographic. Instead, show me what love is. Show me what disappointment is. Show me the feelings that any normal couple experiences.”

At the end of her panel she dropped another major hint, saying that fan reaction to her at ClexaCon will be “bigger next year.” While her panel was well attended, shows with visible, canon LGBTQ relationships are the most popular at ClexaCon.

But no matter how the season turns out, Brandt was clear that she is proud to play a pansexual character. In reference to the comics that inspired the show (The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman) Brandt said “I pull a lot from the books. And one of my favorite images is her kissing another girl in the Silver City, and giving a circle of people watching the finger.”

Brandt also answered questions about the upcoming season in general. In answer to how being on Netflix will change the show, she said there are subtle differences in storytelling. “What a streaming services affords you is to have a case span like two or three episodes, so it feels…a lot more character driven.” Any increase in violence or intensity will mostly be in the details. “We get to be a little more realistic with our blood work.” And because they will make fewer episodes for the streaming service per season, Brandt says there is less filler and more tension. “Every episode the stakes are high.”

She also talked about the social impact and emotional truths running through the show despite its fantastical premise and silly moments. Complex pointed out that “The women on the show have such great chemistry with one another and they talk about things that don’t always revolve around men.” Brandt pointed out that the writer’s room of Lucifer is “Fifty per cent women and fifty per cent men which…I think is really important.”

While Brandt wasn’t initially aware of the social impact of playing a pansexual character, she says she takes the responsibility seriously. “I’m learning too. I think there’s a responsibility and onus on us as artists, and as actors, to learn about the people we’re making our shows for.”

Brandt also answered questions about Mazikeen’s friendship with Trixie, her favorite scenes that didn’t make the cut, how she approaches stunt work, and much more. Watch the full video on the ClexaCon Youtube channel.

Lucifer season four will be released on Netflix May 8, 2019.


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