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Misha Collins Announces GISH Focus for 2019 Scavenger Hunt

CHARITIESMisha Collins Announces GISH Focus for 2019 Scavenger Hunt

Supernatural star and founder of GISH Misha Collins held a live stream yesterday with friend, photojournalist, and activist Giles Duley to announce the Change A Life project for the 2019 GISH Scavenger Hunt. Duley has partnered with GISH on two other occasions, most recently for last year’s project to provide economic freedom for Rwandan women who survived Rwandan genocide.

This year, the project’s focus is on Laos and supporting its MAG (Mines Advisory Group) team, whose mission is to rid the country of the incredible number of unexploded bombs that plague the land.

In the video below, Duley explains the heartbreaking plight of the people of Laos and shares his very personal story of surviving a similar plight.

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The 2019 GISH Winners’ trip will also be to Laos this year. Collins shared that past trips have been geared around fun and adventure, but this year’s trip will have fun, adventure, and impact as well. While the full itinerary is not released, the GISH website shows they will be meeting the MAG team, in addition to participating in activities such as visiting temples and ruins, exploring river caves, and…hopscotching with monks? There will be no end to the craziness, as we have come to expect with GISH.

GISH week is July 27 – Aug 3, 2019. Sign up today for your chance to participate in the world’s greatest scavenger hunt for a great cause!

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If you do not want to or cannot participate, you can purchase a Gisholarship to allow someone who can’t afford it to participate. Make a difference today.

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