Interview: Jamie Hector Talks New Season of ‘Bosch’ [EXCLUSIVE]


The wait is over! Last Friday, Amazon released the fifth season of Bosch, and you can stream it now on their prime service. Thursday we had an exclusive chance to catch up with the shows star Jamie Hector and ask him a few questions about his character, Jerry Edgar, and what we can expect from the upcoming season.

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NerdsandBeyond: What are you excited about with the upcoming season?

Jamie: I’m excited because we had a great time and I’m looking forward to the fans seeing it. I’m looking forward to hearing their comments on it, and I’m excited to see it myself! You all work together on it, but you never really get to watch it.

NerdsandBeyond: Do you find that the fan’s reactions to television released like Bosch (all at once) is different than network TV (week by week)?

Jamie: It’s so good that you watch it. You might watch five episodes in a night. Then tomorrow, during the daytime, when you’re on a train going to work. Sitting at home in bed from your iPhone and or computer and then it’s done. Unless you have a need to watch it again. So I think the experience definitely different but that’s just a way of watching television now, and it’s changing. A lot of people appreciate it more when they can actually control the way they watch instead of waiting a week at a time.

NerdsandBeyond: How do you approach a character like Jerry? What do you what do you find inspiring about him, and how is he different from you?

Jamie: You know, the way to approach the character of Jerry first by reading material. Then, identifying with some of the personality of the character, similar characteristics that we may have, then it’s really about the circumstances that go on around him, the challenges. You know we’ve been shooting for the past five years, five seasons. I feel like I know him. The way I approach it is just by looking at the material and having fun with it.

NerdsandBeyond: One of the things I loved and that pulled at our heartstrings was Jerry’s relationship with his ex-wife and especially the way they left things. Any chance for reconciliation next season?

Jamie: I would hope so because Jerry loves his wife. But he’s also married to the game, you know? That’s one of the things in regards to approaching Jerry, he wants to dot his “i”s and cross his “t”s and in doing so, having a job that is unpredictable in so many ways – you could wake up in the morning and get a phone call and you gotta go. It’s kind of difficult to balance that with a family that really wants you.

Not to mention, everything that he’s dealing with in his past with the infidelity and everything, he has to prove himself more now. So, I hope they get back together. I hope they have a shot with each other, especially because of their two boys. You never know, that might be the case in season five!

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NerdsandBeyond: Speaking of the upcoming season, how is Jerry and Bosch’s relationship?

Jamie: The traumatic situations have brought them closer. I think the experience that he (Bosch) went through with his ex-wife brought him and Jerry even closer together. And then, as you’ll see as it opens up, we might end up separating again. Overall, the concern is safety, making sure that whoever it is on the force is safe. I think Jerry Edgars concern for Harry Bosch is that he is alive and well. So, because of that, I think they’re definitely closer.

NerdsandBeyond: What were some of your favorite moments to film from season five? Spoiler free!

Jamie: You learn a lot about Jerry Edgar, and Jerry Edgar learns a lot about himself. He’s going to be trying to figure out something that is rooted deep in his culture and in his past. And it’s just something that he has to figure out about and hold people accountable. So that’s pretty cool, really excited about that.

NerdsandBeyond: Jerry is a total 180 (character wise) from Marlo Stanfield on The Wire. What was it like to make such a huge switch? Is there something fun about switching from playing such an iconic “villain” to a hero?

Jamie: It was exciting. It was just fun. It was in my toolbox. It was something that I was waiting for also. When you do something very well in this industry, sometimes people can see you in that light only. When you get a chance to do something else, you run to it. The research was done, the questions were asked. The understanding of who and what this person is. Who and what Jerry Edgar’s beliefs and value systems are versus Marlo’s beliefs and value systems. What they stand for. It was different, and it is fun. Because, you know, he (Edgar) is a 180. Jerry Edgar is angry at Bosch because Bosch decides to take the law into his own hands. Marlo was like, take the law into your hands, brah!

NerdsandBeyond: Before we go, is there anything else you want to tease about the first episode?

Jamie: What you should be excited about the first episode, and really episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5 is the anxiety that one might feel when they lose someone and they’re still alive. You can never close the box until you find out what happens, where they are, and they find themselves also. It’s gonna be a chase. You know, we root for the hero, we root for that person to make it out of their challenges. It’s gonna be an exciting run.

You can catch the fifth season of Bosch on Amazon Prime now!

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