New Character Posters For ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Released


Since the Marvel marketing department was well on it’s way to destroying the fandom with the release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home posters yesterday, it would be accurate to describe Marvel fans today as being in a state of utter meltdown. Over the course of mere minutes, many of the actors involved in Avengers: Endgame and the official twitter accounts of some previously released Marvel movies have posted new character posters for the upcoming conclusion to the Avengers saga that started in 2012. Check out a selection of character posters here on the Avengers Official Twitter Account.

Courtesy The Avengers official Twitter account

With one month to go until its cinematic release, the movie already has an official teaser and official trailer that gave fans a glimpse of what the fight against Thanos and the effort to bring back the fallen ones back will be like. The posters released today show the characters who have survived the snap in color, while the posters of characters who have either died in the events leading up to or after the snap in Avengers: Infinity War are in black and white.

Courtesy The Avengers official Twitter account

One of the most surprising reveals today was probably Tom Hiddleston tweeting a poster of Loki – and while it was also black and white, no one really expected Loki to be part of the marketing campaign or even part of the upcoming movie.

Courtesy The Avengers official Twitter account

Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters on April 26!

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