Five Times ‘Lucifer’ Broke Into Song

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There are so many reasons to love the show Lucifer, such as the well-written and acted characters, the chemistry between the cast, the impressive fight scenes, and the snarky one-liners. One of the other reasons I love this show is that we get to witness Lucifer (Tom Ellis) singing from time to time. Below are my five favorite times this has happened thus far.

1. Season Three, Episode Six – “Vegas With Some Radish”

(Song: Luck Be A Lady)

Lucifer and Ella are in Las Vegas trying to help his ex-wife. In an attempt to flush out her would-be killer, they put on a cabaret number with Lucifer singing center stage and Ella doing her best Vegas showgirl impersonation alongside him.

2. Season Two, Episode One – “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”

(Song: All Along The Watchtower)

While we hear Lucifer singing and playing piano, we also get a glimpse of how all of the characters are handling the fallout from the season one finale. Chloe throws away a sample of Lucifer’s blood rather than sending it for testing, Amenadiel tests his powers (and they fail him), and Linda meets Maze at a club even though she now knows that she is a demon. Finally, we are back with Lucifer at the piano. As the song finishes, the elevator opens and a mysterious figure is revealed.

3. Season One, Episode Six – “Favorite Son”

(Song: Sinnerman)

The scene alternates between a storage facility where someone is bringing down a container, and Lux—where Lucifer is playing piano and singing for the crowd. At the storage facility, we find out that the container belongs to Lucifer and a guard is killed after questioning it being moved. At Lux, Lucifer is enjoying himself entertaining his patrons while Maze happily watches him from the bar.

4. Season Three, Episode Seventeen – “Let Pinhead Sing!”

(Song: I Will Survive)

A woman Lucifer is supposed to have on lockdown in his penthouse is instead performing at Lux. Despite Lucifer’s many attempts to get her to stop and return to the safety of his penthouse, she refuses and instead manages to get him to perform a duet with her.

5. Season One, Episode Eleven – “St. Lucifer”

(Song: Devil May Care)

At a charity function, Lucifer breaks into song as his gift to those in attendance—much to Chloe’s annoyance. He makes sure to flirt his way around the room as he sings, until an outburst by a young man stops him.

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