‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: “You’re Dead To Me”

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After last episode’s revelations of Macy (Madeleine Mantock) being brought back to life and Harry’s (Rupert Evans) son being alive, this week is the search for answers.

Marisol (Valerie Cruz) summoned a necromancer to resurrect Macy (who had died when she was a baby) agreeing to whatever sacrifice it requires.

The necromancer brought baby Macy back, and the cost is after two years she can never see her daughter again – if she does, Macy will die. Knowing part of the truth, Macy believes that her darkness comes from her resurrection, but now she wants to know more. She performs a spell to summon the necromancer that raised her. The necromancer named Knansie (Mackenzie Marsh) appears and is mad because she had been in hiding from a witch trying to kill her. Macy uses her powers to fling the witch through the window protecting Maggie, which she did not know she could do.

Mel (Melonie Diaz) is on Niko’s (Ellen Tamaki) Instagram checking on her and wondering what she was doing the past two years, since after the spell they never met. Later in the day, she meets her at the coffee shop they used to go to on dates. Niko picked it because she felt drawn to it.

Harry’s powers are not fully working because he is divided with where his priorities are, so when he tries to portal Mel and himself to help the other sisters, they ended up in Manchester, England. Mel helps Harry find his son so he can have closure, even if it means him no longer being their whitelighter.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) goes to a stoplight party with Lucy (Natalie Hall) to get over Parker (Nick Hargrove), who surprise surprise, is the bartender of the event. Later, she gets held hostage by the witch who wants to kill Knansie. When Macy and Parker get there to save her, Macy uses her power almost to stop the other witches heart giving in to her darkness. Parker tries to stop her, but it is Maggie that brings her out of it. Parker then attacks Knansie, and because she fights back and attacks him, she gets banished back to Tartarus because it broke her deal.

We learn that the necromancers deal was that when she brings people back to life, she adds demon blood, so they eventually will give in and turn demon. This happened to Macy as well.

The episode ends with some revelations from the main characters. After seeing his son Carter, Harry decides that it is enough to know that he is alright and goes back to be the girls’ whitelighter, resulting in his powers coming back and working. Maggie no longer holds hate and anger towards Parker. (The unfortunate thing is that Lucy and Alastair (Craig Parker) plan to get them together.) Mel lets go of Niko again, and plans to stop seeing her, but we will see how that plays out since Niko is still investigating the Arcana. Making a deal with her boss, Macy agrees to help remove the demon from Parker in return of removing the demon from herself.

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