Tuesday, June 22, 2021

‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Will Star Aaron Paul, Air on Netflix and AMC

Aaron Paul as “Jesse Pinkman” in ‘Breaking Bad’ (2008). Image courtesy of IMDb.com.

New details have emerged about a Breaking Bad movie that is currently in the works. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the movie will be a sequel to the hit television series of the same name and will focus on supporting character “Jesse Pinkman” (Aaron Paul). Paul, who earned three supporting actor Emmy wins for his role as Pinkman, will reprise his role in the film.

Original series creator Vince Gilligan will write, direct, and executive produce the movie. Series collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein will also co-produce the film.

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The television series ended with Paul’s character escaping his kidnappers and driving off into the night. And this movie will follow up with Pinkman’s story and his attempt at freedom.

Aaron Paul as “Jesse Pinkman” in ‘Breaking Bad’ (2005). Image courtesy of IMDb.com.

Breaking Bad lead Bryan Cranston has confirmed that the movie is in the works but has not said whether his character “Walter White” will make an appearance.

The film’s first home will be Netflix, and then AMC will have the rights to air.

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