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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the 300th episode of Supernatural

The long running sci-fi show, Supernatural, reached a huge milestone of 300 episodes this past week. (Read our recap of this episode here.) The episode started by showing us how Sam and Dean Winchester interacted with those in the small town of Lebanon, Kansas, near the bunker. Certain events unfolded, causing John Winchester to be pulled from the year 2003 to present day. Emotional reunions between John and his sons and John and Mary were beautiful. Soon, Sam and Dean realized that John’s presence in 2019 caused the timeline to shift to where everything from 2003 onward was different — including Castiel. Once the Winchesters realized that John needed to go back to his own time in order to protect all of the work that Sam and Dean had done to keep the world safe, everyone sat down to one big family dinner and prepared to say goodbye.

The heartbreaking farewells were almost too difficult to watch. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Samantha Smith all blew fans away with the pure emotion they brought to this scene. Thankfully, everything went back to normal once John returned to his own time; however, Sam, Dean, and Mary must all now cope with having John returned to them and then ripped away again.

So much happened in this episode — we laughed, cried, cheered, and cried even more. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our staff shared their own thoughts and feelings on ‘Lebanon’.

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I cannot even put into words my feelings, but I will do my best. I thought it was a such a great episode. I loved seeing the returning faces of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kurt Fuller. When John heard Mary’s voice, after all those years, that moment was gut-wrenching. The ending scene where, unfortunately, time had to be reset and John sent back to his time, I could not help myself from crying. Crying for the boys who have not seen their parents together in what seems like a lifetime, crying because Mary has not seen John since her death, and crying because this is their first taste of a completed family and it has to be ripped away. Everyone getting the closure they needed, that was something fans have been waiting for since John’s death in season 2. This show always, ALWAYS, delivers on its theme of family and what that really means. Supernatural has changed the game and many lives, including my own. I’m so proud to say that this show, is my show. Congrats to everyone for 300 episodes! Here’s to 300 more and hoping it never ends!


From start to finish I loved this episode. It left me with a feeling of familiarity. The 300th episode gave a proper nod to past episodes with the perfect amount of nostalgia. The writers went back to Supernatural basics using straight lore to explain how John Winchester returned. John Wayne Gacy as the killer clown ghost was clever and provided us with the right amount of comedy. While I had known that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was returning as John Winchester, I did not expect to have the emotional response that I did. The moment between John and Sam gave Sam the closure he desperately needed and that we needed as the audience. When John heard Mary’s voice for the first and teared up, I lost it. The tears fell so naturally, and it truly was a beautiful moment. Seeing Castiel as that warrior we were introduced to in season 4 had me swooning for him all over again. Being able to see his wings again after so many years was also another added treat. Kurt Fuller as Zachariah will always be one of my favorite villains. Supernatural has a way of bringing people together. Between the cast and the fans there is no other show like it. I am so thrilled to be a part of this family because that is what Supernatural is. It is not just a show — it is truly a family. Congratulations on 300 episodes, and thank you for everything.

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The 300th episode saw the return of John Winchester and the beautiful moments that brought closure to the boys. He was reunited with his wife Mary, who died 22 years before the first episode of the show. So, let us do the math: 22 years plus 14 seasons equals a moment that both of them (and Dean) have only dreamt of in 36 years. That is the moment that broke me. This episode also hit me hard for personal reasons. I was envious that they got to see their father again. Yes, I know it is a TV show, but to hear your dad say he is proud of you and have the chance to say goodbye… to someone who lost their father suddenly, those moments are everything. It made me nostalgic for family dinners and sitting with my dad having a drink, talking about anything and everything. Thank you with all my heart to the cast and crew of this magical show.


What an amazing 300th episode! That episode was everything I could have ever asked for and more!  The comedy was spot-on. In fact, Sam’s internet video may literally be my favorite thing I have ever seen. I laughed so hard that I am pretty sure it echoed in my living room. When Jared does comedy, he does it magnificently! On the other side of the spectrum, there were a few scenes that brought me to tears. That scene between Sam and John… wow. Hearing that apology from John was huge, but seeing Sam get so emotional is what did me in.  And again at the end, hearing John tell his sons he loves them, that he is proud of them, it was such a defining moment in the series. But seeing way more than a single man tear is what got me crying once again. I could just feel that pain and heartbreak of Sam, Dean, and Mary saying goodbye to John radiating right through the screen. It was beautifully bittersweet. I will admit, I kept waiting for a big surprise that we might not have expected, but I would not have changed a thing. The episode was perfect.  It was everything I had hoped for in terms of John returning. It meant so much to see an episode focusing on the family (found family, too). No one knows family more than the Supernatural family, so thank you cast, writers, and crew for creating an episode that felt like a love letter to us fans!

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The 300th episode was a heartbreaking, funny, intriguing episode. It was absolutely nothing like what I was anticipating, and I am thankful for that. It was so much better! To be honest, I was dreading the return of John Winchester. Hearing the brothers talk to each other about their father and how he mistreated them over the years has never left me. But John’s return was not only my favorite part of this episode, it was completely necessary to the story, so the brothers could have a chance to say the things they needed to say to him and to each other. When John told Dean that he did not mean for his sons to pick up the hunting lifestyle, that he wanted Dean to have a family of his own someday, and Dean responded with “I have a family,” I cheered! And the after-dinner scene when Dean tells Sam that he was thankful for where they were in their lives and that he liked who he and his brother were was so powerful. The final hug between father and sons was heart-wrenching and amazing. It is exactly what the boys needed, and it is what John needed, too. I loved this episode and am so thankful John returned, even if it was for a short time.


Honestly, I have only been in the fandom for about a year and a half.  Once season 12 started, I watched with my boyfriend and decided it was time to go back to season 1 and binge watch before season 13!  So the hype and excitement around a major milestone episode was new to me, and I was so pumped. It was awesome to get to see them interact with the people around Lebanon, and I laughed a little too hard at uber-flirt Dean winning over the postwoman who thought Sam was a total perv. I was not sure how I was going to feel about John being back.  Though I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I was not a fan of John. That said, the emotion he brought to his scenes with Dean, Sam, and Mary was palpable. Dean’s total joy at having his father back despite the fact that Michael was still in his head was heartbreaking. Sam saw it for the problem it was right away and barely had time to really feel it before it was over. The gut wrenching moment when Sam crushes the pearl and Dean jumps out of his skin was so painful.  At that point I had already barrelled through a half a box of tissues and Cas was not even back yet. One last note on this episode, the contrast of Castiel before he met Dean to the Castiel we have now was striking. Watching Cas wail on Sam and Dean was rough but it was clear that no amount of Dean’s pleading was going to stop him. When he returned at the end of the show, everything about him was different, right down to the trenchcoat. I have watched this episode twice already, I know I will watch it again.  Well done to all of you.

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The 300th episode made me feel a wide range of emotions; from love to pain, joy to intense sadness. I enjoyed the return of the familiar face and disliked character, John Winchester. The reunion of John, Mary, Sam, and Dean had me broken. John and Mary’s love and adoration was seen when they finally had their family and each other. Sam’s conversation with his Dad, sharing that he had moved on from the heartbreak, was perfect. The fans knowing that this is what has been missing for these boys for years, just to have it soon yanked away, since nothing other than Sam and Dean last forever in Supernatural. There was a lightness and familiarity when they were all together. Everything just seemed to click and John had the chance to be the father he could have been. Dean finally openly sharing his past resentment and hatred towards his parents to Sam. The final goodbye to John hurt, Dean telling his dad that he loved him too pulled on my heartstrings. I thought the episode was fantastic, the acting was phenomenal, and I am ready to rewatch the episode. So proud of the cast and crew for 300 episodes, and I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next.


I had been waiting with much anticipation for the 300th episode. I had deliberately tried to avoid most of the spoilers that had been popping up on social media in the weeks before it aired so I could be surprised as much as possible. Obviously, I knew Kurt Fuller was returning and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well, although I had no idea how the writers were going to pull that off. I was thrilled with the entire episode. It literally gave me all the feels. Sam and Dean received some much deserved closure with John. Sam got the apology from John that he said he did not need (but I KNOW he did), and he was able to open up and forgive his Dad. Dean finally heard the words, “I’m proud of you,” directed at him from John, and he got the one thing he had wanted since he was 4 years old: his family whole and together, gathered around the dinner table for a simple meal. Of course, as always in Supernatural, the happy does not last very long, and this episode was no exception. Watching the boys hug their Dad with tear streaked faces and seeing the love in John’s eyes for Mary and his boys as he disappeared shattered my heart. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, and all I can say is, thanks a lot Supernatural, you did it to me again. You gave me an amazing story that paid tribute to past episodes, took my emotions on a roller coaster ride and left me apprehensive about what happens next. Bravo and congrats on 300 episodes!

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The 300th episode of Supernatural has been a long time coming, and it certainly did not disappoint. Although I found myself wishing that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance had been left as a surprise, his presence in the episode still had a gut-wrenching and emotional impact. Sam, Dean, and Mary finally getting closure with John Winchester, each in their own ways, was incredibly important to the overall story of Supernatural. Love him or hate him, John is pivotal to the roots of the show. I found myself reduced to tears multiple times throughout the episode, as the sheer magnitude of what the Winchesters were experiencing truly hit me. I believe that this was the perfect time for this reunion to occur, because the impact may not have been as staggering if it had been in an earlier season. I also loved alternate timeline Castiel’s brief appearance, as it serves to remind fans just how much the wayward angel has changed and grown since meeting the Winchesters. (“I don’t understand that reference.”) Thank you to the cast and crew for giving us an incredible milestone episode.


This episode was an amazing tribute to all of the pieces that have come together over the years to make Supernatural.  At the heart of Supernatural is family, and for the first time we got to see all of the current Winchesters (except Adam) together in one place talking to each other. John and Mary’s reunion was beautifully done, and Sam Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan put so much into that scene. This episode also put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they are all where they should be.  There is also a heartbreaking scene with Sam and John where John brings up the fight they had about him going to college. Honestly, I think that this is one of Jared Padalecki’s strongest performances. We are used to very emotional scenes performed by Jensen Ackles, but Jared stepped up and made that scene into a masterpiece. It was also great to see how they interact in the town of Lebanon. I enjoyed how we got to see Zachariah and Castiel in the alternate timeline, with Castiel still very much the servant of heaven and Zach still very much pulling strings for his own means. And it was a huge relief to see our Cas again at the end. The writing, acting, and cinematography was absolutely amazing and reminded me of the 14 year journey that we have taken with this family. It also showed me that there are still stories left to tell and that Supernatural is not going anywhere. Thank you for an amazing episode and tribute.

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This episode was everything I never knew I needed as a viewer. When it was revealed that Dean’s heart’s deepest desire was his family reunited, it was easy to see just how much he still longs for that picture perfect family unit. For one bright shining moment, Dean and Sam had both their parents back. Yet, when John tells Dean he had hoped they would eventually leaving hunting and have their own families, Dean seems to come to the realization that I (and many viewers) have always known: he has a family in Sam, Cas, and now Jack. It’s not traditional in any sense of the word, but it is his and it matters and he loves them. The lighter moments of the episode were so much more than I expected. Getting to see the boys through the eyes of Lebanon residents was a great little twist; their larger than life urban legend status to the local teens was the highlight of this point of view. When Cas shows up, we were treated to some reminders of the Cas he used to be, and just how far he has come as a character. Early Cas was funny in his “I don’t understand that reference” way, but seeing him again only demonstrated just how much his character has grown throughout the show. Of course the best part of the episode were those moments Sam and Dean shared with John. They were able to finally heal. Both boys deserved to hear John say, “I’m so proud of you,” and I will be forever grateful that that moment finally came. Their goodbyes were heartbreaking in every sense of the word, but to have it lighthearted would not have done the characters or the show justice. Episode 300 encompassed everything Supernatural has become. It was funny, quirky, somber, and heartbreaking all at once. Jensen and Jared delivered masterful performances that will remain among my top favorite moments of the show, and I could not be more thankful to the cast and crew for bringing us this wonderful episode!


This milestone episode was amazing. I was blown away with every single part of it. I loved at the beginning how we got to see how the town of Lebanon viewed Sam and Dean. I never knew how much I apparently needed to see Dean flirting with the post office woman. The small ghost hunt of serial killer clown John Wayne Gacy was fantastic. I still wish viewers were not spoiled on the return of John Winchester, because the initial scene with his return would have been even more epic if everyone was surprised. John and Mary’s reunion was beautifully done. The emotion on John’s face as soon as he heard Mary’s voice about made me break down. I appreciated the fact that everyone was able to have their own individual moment with John. Sam received his closure from being unable to say “goodbye” to his dad, and John apologized for everything he did wrong in raising the boys. This moment was huge for John, and I am so grateful that the writers included it, not only for Sam, but for the fans as well. Jared knocked this scene out of the park. When John told Dean that he wished that Dean could have gotten out of the life and had a family, I was saying under my breath, “but he has a family,” over and over again. I came very close to standing up and cheering when Dean said those same exact words. Seeing Castiel as the tight-laced warrior we used to know him as was both exciting and uncomfortable. It was wonderful to see him fully charged with wings again, but he was not OUR Cas. It made me incredibly sad to see him fight with the brothers without any care for their lives. The hardest part for me to watch was the final goodbye. Everyone in the cast did an amazing job with this scene. Sam wiping his eyes, Dean’s soft “I love you, too,” and Mary trying to smile through her heartbreak had me shaking with emotion. However, the part that did me in completely was Dean’s flinch when Sam crushed the pearl. Thank you to the full cast and crew for working so hard to give us an episode worthy of this gigantic milestone. Congratulations to everyone!

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Well there you have it! Those are our thoughts on the 300th episode. We would love to hear yours! Let us know if you felt the same way in the comments below.

As mentioned multiple times by staff members above, congratulations and many thanks to everyone who works so incredibly hard on this show.

Supernatural returns to The CW on Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m. EST.

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