Birthday Project: Celebrate Jensen and Danneel Ackles’ Birthdays!

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Similar to our birthday project for Rob Benedict, Richard Speight, Jr., and Matt Cohen last year, we’re going to be launching a birthday project for Jensen and Danneel Ackles.

Since we had staff at the pair’s Soul Cycle event last year, we got to ask them our famous interview question, “What color would your lightsaber be?” It’s a question we ask after every interview, to keep it fun and because we always hear many interesting answers.

Jensen didn’t really give a color, but said he wanted his to have a lightning bolt. Danneel, told our staff she’d have a rainbow.

So, in honor of their birthdays (Jensen’s is March 1, Danneel’s is March 18), we’re giving away Jensen and Danneel prize packs, anchored by a Jedi pop of Jensen (complete with a lightning bolt lightsaber) and a Jedi pop of Danneel (complete with a rainbow lightsaber).

Jensen’s Prize Pack: Jensen custom one-of-a-kind Nerds and Beyond – Jedi Pop! from Little Pop Workshop. Also includes Jedi Jensen sticker, magnet, phone stand and button.

Danneel’s Prize Pack: Danneel custom one-of-a-kind Nerds and Beyond – Jedi Pop! from Little Pop Workshop. Also includes Jedi Danneel sticker, magnet, phone stand and button.

The birthday project is now closed. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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We’ll list the names of those who donated below!

Melanie M.

Natasha K.

Rochelle H.

Jane H.

Lauren W.

Sabrina-Lea K.

Aschlea B.


Nancy M.

Hailee J.

Brianna L.

Sarah G.

Maram A.

Suzanne L-C.

Anh N.

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