Wednesday, August 10, 2022

VIDEO: Matt Cohen Releases ‘Mama Bear’ Teaser!

MOVIESMAMA BEARVIDEO: Matt Cohen Releases 'Mama Bear' Teaser!

Matt Cohen just dropped huge news – he released the teaser trailer for Mama Bear! The short, which was shot back in November, is directed by Matt and stars Mandy Musgrave, Adam Fergus, Richard Speight, Jr., Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Gabriel Tigerman, Jim Beaver and more.

Mama Bear is about a mother who “has 24 hours to save her four year old and find him a liver transplant, and the only viable donor is the ex-kingpin/drug lord/piece of s*** boyfriend of hers.”

We got the chance to talk to Matt back in December, where he talks about Mama Bear. You can see that here.

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You can also see our interview with Matt from October, and how excited he is about the project. You can see that here.

Watch the teaser below!


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