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Release Date for ‘Love Under the Rainbow’ Starring David Haydn-Jones Revealed

MOVIESRelease Date for 'Love Under the Rainbow' Starring David Haydn-Jones Revealed

David Haydn-Jones (Supernatural, A Bramble House Christmas) stars alongside Jodie Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House) in the upcoming movie Love Under The Rainbow. According to It’s A Wonderful Movie, Love Under The Rainbow will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, March 9, 2019, at 8/7c.

Jack Evans (David Haydn-Jones) with his daughter, Sophie (Dakota Guppy), in Love Under The Rainbow. Photo courtesy of the Hallmark Channel.

According to Johnson Production Group on YouTube, the summary of Love Under the Rainbow is as follows:

Do you believe in fate? For Lucy Newbern, ever since she was young, she’s had a book of her dream man and dream family all planned out – except now, she’s a single 3rd grade teacher who spends all her free time pining over Max Peters, a guy who just doesn’t get her… Ever heard of unrequited love? Yeah, Lucy has, too. Enter single father, Jack Evans, a new doctor in town, and his optimistic daughter, Sophie, a new student in Lucy’s class. Jack promised Sophie by moving to the rainiest town in America, they would finally have time to chase real rainbows, as she’s always dreamed, except being a busy doctor, nothing has changed. Lucy suggests Sophie create rainbows for the school science fair. If they win, they get a class field trip…chasing real rainbows!

When Sophie wins the science fair and doesn’t find a real pot of gold, we discover her secret – she just wants a real family. Sophie believed her mom, who crossed the rainbow bridge, would be on the other side and that would make her dad happy. Lucy helps Sophie and Jack see the real pot of gold: That maybe the rainbow has been pointing them to each other all along; a second chance at a family.

In an Instagram post by one of the stars of the movie, David Haydn-Jones, he promised “You’ll fall in love with my daughter, @dakotaguppy.” and it certainly looks that way based on the trailer.

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The trailer is available to watch directly on Johnson Production Group’s YouTube channel, but you can also check it out below. It seems like this movie is going to require a big box of tissues, and combined with the comedic acting both Haydn-Jones and Sweetin have on their resumes, this is almost guaranteed to be a romantic comedy you’ll want to watch over and over.


Make sure to tune into the premiere of Love Under The Rainbow airing March 9, 2019, on the Hallmark Channel.

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