‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season Six, Episode Four Recap: “Four Movements”

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Before the start of season six, Chelsea Peretti, the actress who plays human-form-of-the-100-emoji Gina Linetti, announced she would be leaving soon into the season. This episode, entitled “Four Movements,” is her swan song.

Spoilers for season six, episode four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ahead. You have been warned.

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The episode is broken into four movements, each containing a special scene with certain characters and a “Signature Gina Moment” that she leaves them with. She starts with Captain Holt as they continue their symbiotic lessons – Holt teaches her chess while she teaches Holt how to trash talk. They play, and Holt continues to win, but also continues to try to convince Gina to stay, asking if she has considered the consequences. Gina says she wants to take risks, and asks if he ever wanted to be spontaneous. Holt says no, that he has had his entire life planned out since he was 10: going to the academy, becoming a detective, then sergeant, then lieutenant, then captain, then… commissioner. Or not. That brings Gina’s first Gina Moment: life is chaos, and confidence is everything. She then “wins” the chess game, because she is the true queen, and walks out of his office.

The second Gina Moment comes at “ladies lunch” with Amy and Rosa a few minutes later. Amy tells Gina she wants to be changed, to be more cool and detatched… and then takes out a thousand-page scrapbook of all of Gina’s tweets. Gina realizes this is the perfect opportunity, and tells Amy to burn it, burn that part of her. Amy refuses, and begins to cry because Gina (and her Gina scrapbook) mean too much to her. Gina comforts Amy, and shares her second moment: that Amy should be herself. That means crying, making scrapbooks, and caring, because that is what makes Amy, Amy. Amy cries more, and they turn to see Rosa bawling too. They all share an embrace – lady power, for the win.

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Meanwhile, Jake is hard at work trying to secure a venue for Gina’s goodbye party – looking at mansions, The Met, and other extravagant locations because, as he explains to Terry, “it’s gotta be splashy.” They also need a celebrity guest, and Terry says he has a contact doing private security for Mario Lopez, aka Saved By The Bell‘s A.C. Slater. He says Lopez is hanging out at The Manhattan Club, and Gina and Jake go undercover to find him. The first stop is getting by the host, who turns out to be none other than Try Guys member and Youtube star Eugene Lee Yang! After threatening to call “Daddy,” he lets them upstairs. Jake allows himself to be tackled by the security guards upstairs so that Gina can talk to Lopez, but ultimately at the party (which ends up at their regular bar,) she sends him away. Jake is baffled, and Gina delivers her third Moment of the night: she does not need celebrities or a fancy venue to make it a perfect going away party, simply hanging out with her friends is enough. Oh, and she gets her own Gina Moment as well – getting to turn a celebrity away from her party!

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Gina’s two weeks are up, and she has supposedly left the Nine-Nine… except she keeps finding reasons to stick around: explaining her “filing” system to Holt, cleaning out her desk, etc. It is not until Thursday that her real reason for procrastinating is revealed – the fourth movement. She had a giant gold statue made of herself to remain in the Nine-Nine forever. With the statue comes a prerecorded message, explaining her final moments. Charles gets the Boyle family starter sourdough, and Terry gets a subscription to an “International Yogurt of the Month” club.

Gina will surely be missed – both within the show and from the viewers. But her legacy shall live on in the hearts of the Nine-Nine forever.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns with “A Tale of Two Bandits” on Thursday, February 7 at 9/8c on NBC.

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