Recap: ‘Charmed’ Episodes Ten and Eleven

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Sarah Jeffery (left), Madeleine Mantock (center), Melonie Diaz (right) in Charmed. Image courtesy of IMDB

After its winter hiatus, Charmed was back last Sunday with the tenth episode titled “Keep Calm and Harry On.” In this episode, we see the sisters trying to find a way to get their whitelighter Harry (Rupert Evans) back from Tartarus. Harry was dragged there by Hunter (Constantine Rousouli) when Parker (Nick Hargrove) and the sisters were banishing him. Not at all surprising was the unwillingness of the elders to do anything to save him from being tortured by the bad memories of his past. Charity (Virginia Williams) went against the elders and helped the sisters with getting him back. By doing so, she risked losing being an elder herself. But, she did it for love, and once reunited they talk about the memories he saw and that his son is still alive.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) is trying to nurse her broken heart back together after finding out her boyfriend Parker is half demon. She does not know if she can trust her powers again, and decides she no longer wants to feel anything anymore.

Maggie’s solution was to cast a spell on herself to take away the hurt, but it took away all of her feelings- including her powers. Because of this, they did not work during a fight with Dante (Matthew Willig) – a guardian to Tartarus- resulting in her getting thrown there as well.

Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) talk about her being a witch, and he takes the news well because of his grandma. Growing up she spoke to him about demons and magic and his protection mark. They work together to find information about what their boss, Julia (Rya Kihlstedt), is up to and find DNA of humans and demons. Upon further investigation Galvin finds some shocking truth- Macy and Maggie share a father! So, who is Mel’s father?

Mel (Melonie Diaz) goes to the Arcana and asks Jada (Aleyse Shannon) for help in rescuing Harry and sees them trying to heal the women they broke out of Tartarus. They need more hellfire but do not have any more, so when breaking into Alastair’s (Craig Parker) to get a demon, she steals some for them. Jada thanks Mel by kissing her, and as they are kissing someone is taking pictures of them. It is a familiar face from Mel’s past. It is revealed to be Niko (Ellen Tamaki)!

This eleventh episode -titled “Witch Perfect”- is what you are thinking, one of the sisters joins an acapella group run by a demon.

Harry is still healing from being tortured with memories of his past, and during this time, he is writing everything he remembers about his previous life in a notebook. When he tries to help the sisters, he discovers that he is unable to use his powers. Troubled by these revelations, he confides in Charity that he does not think he can be the sisters whitelighter anymore.

Macy tells her sisters about the DNA test results, and they get upset and storm out not wanting to talk about it. Macy does a secret reveal spell, and a box containing letters between her mom and dad is one of the items that come to her. She reads the letters with Galvin and discovers that her father knew that Marisol was a witch and about Maggie also being his daughter, raising more questions.

Maggie, while trying to find something to help her move on from everything, joins the schools acapella group called The Hilltones. At the first meeting, she sees that Lucy (Natalie Hall) is a member as well and they catch up.

Their director Mr. Morales (Jaime Camil) is also the demon behind the songs the sirens sing. He is turning the Hilltones into sirens to kill the audience and collect their souls.

Mel confesses to Jada about why she joined the Arcana and is surprised to find out that she already knew.

While on a mission at the bar, Mel hears Niko’s voice behind her, amd Niko introduces herself to her and says that she is a PI looking for Jada to get her away from a cult.

When Maggie texts her sister to help, Mac lets Galvin see the Book of Shadows and how it turns to the page they need by asking it. Harry explains that the siren is in a male form because gender is fluid and tells them to go, and that he will text them the spell they need to read as the power of three. As if letting Galvin see the book was not enough, he goes to fight the demon with Macy. Since Mr. Morales has already started on the audience and Galvin, they are already dead. Remembering the special tea, Maggie goes and gets it. Once Macy pours some in his mouth, Galvin comes back to life. What ends up saving the audience, is a mash-up of the two songs together making the siren song obsolete. And Galvin is the one who ends up vanquishing the demon after the sisters trapped it back in the pitch-pipe.

The episode ends with Maggie and Macy reading the letters she found in the box. They see a letter saying that if Macy ever found out what they did to bring her back from the dead, she would never forgive them.

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