Sunday, March 7, 2021

Brie Larson To Appear On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’

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The promotion tour for Captain Marvel has officially begun! With one month to go until the movie’s theatrical release, Brie Larson will be joining The Ellen Degeneres Show on February 1 to talk about the long-awaited first female-led movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Brie Larson’s appearance, there will probably also be some new teaser or promotional material that will either ease the wait, or make the excitement for Captain Marvel even stronger. The fact that the movie will be released on International Women’s Day and the way Marvel has been promoting it, it is only fitting that Larson joins one of the biggest entertainers on her show to talk more about the film and the impact it already has, way ahead of the cinematic release.

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Make sure to catch The Ellen Degeneres Show on February 1 to find out more about Captain Marvel and Larson’s experience with her role!

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