Saturday, April 1, 2023

‘The Wayward Podcast’ Talks Sex

PODCASTS'The Wayward Podcast' Talks Sex

Content warning! This article does discuss the topic mentioned in the headline. If it makes you uncomfortable, do not read further.

This week’s Wayward Podcast has received quite a bit of attention simply for the warnings that Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster were determined to give listeners in regards to the topic – sex. So we will give our own readers the same warning! Be prepared before you listen, because the girls get deep (pun intended).

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This is also the first time that artist Scout Villegas (@scoutstiel) has joined the Wayward Podcast team with her fabulous artwork to act as a preview for the podcast. We look forward to seeing more of these wonderful sneak peeks in the weeks to come!

The ‘Wayward Sex Talk’ spans many topics about sex, orgasms, genitalia, likes and dislikes in bed, partners, and more. As they always are, Kim and Bri are candid with listeners about their experiences which makes the potentially uncomfortable subject of conversation all the more relatable and helps to put people at ease. It is not a clinical discussion in any way, with the ladies jumping from tangent to tangent and keeping us on our toes and avidly listening for the next piece of gold to come out of their mouths such as: “Blowjobs are hard!” or “The vagina is a maze!”

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Primarily the underlying message for this podcast is to be confident with what you like, learn and know your own body, and do not be ashamed of yourself or your sex life in whatever way that happens for you.

Kim and Bri sign off this podcast with this perfect message: “There should be no shame about having sex and enjoying it, and there should be no shame about not having sex and enjoying that.”

The Wayward Podcast premiers new episodes every Monday. You can listen here on Podbean, or here via iTunes!

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