Happy Birthday, Stephen Norton!


Stephen Norton is the drummer for one of our favorite bands, Louden Swain, and today is his birthday! We asked our readers and staff to share a few memories they have with Stephen in honor of his special day.

Stephen Norton switches it up with the bass. Photo courtesy of Liz Larson.

My favorite memory of Stephen is when I attended the brunch with Louden Swain in Atlanta in January 2018. When Stephen came to our table, we spent a good five minutes just watching a camera he had set up at home to watch his cat Lucky. He was very proud to share Lucky with us and we were very happy to see him!

-Finn (@againsthewave_)

My favorite memory with Stephen would be his reaction to the portrait of him I did for my art class. I sent it to him on Snapchat a little after I had finished it and he said it was very sweet of me to do and saved it to his phone. During Salute to Supernatural: New Jersey in 2018, I had him sign it and he had a huge smile on his face the whole time. He was so nice about the whole thing and it just meant the world to me.

-Dean (@ChucksVessel)

Stephen Norton. Photo Courtesy of Liz Larson.

I’ve been waiting for a while now to be able to see Louden Swain live, and at my first show in Jacksonville I was able to get Stephen’s signed drumsticks. This was huge because he means so much to me, he inspired me to pick up and learn an instrument on my own and helped me get through some low moments of my life.

-Eszter E. (@esztererdei_)

My personal interactions with Stephen are unfortunately limited but they still made an impact on me. At my first convention, for my first Swain photo op, my niece and I hugged Billy Moran while the rest of the band was instructed to look bored. They killed it. I had them sign it and Stephen’s laugh made me smile so big. Another favorite moment was having the privilege of informing him that several “Swainers” had raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of his birthday last year. He did not have to acknowledge it at all but he was truly grateful and appreciative. I am so glad he is a part of Louden Swain, I cannot imagine the band without him.

-Em (@invisible_heir)

I cannot think of a singular standout interaction with Stephen; every time I have talked to him he has been incredibly sweet. During autographs he always asks how I am enjoying the weekend and is genuinely caring. On more than one occasion, he complimented me on my fandom shirt, and it helped me feel more comfortable. I really appreciate him, and what he adds to Louden Swain.

-Sam (@honeybeemish)

I was walking to my car across campus one day after work, and was wearing my Louden Swain shirt. A guy doubled back to chat about them and how I knew them. It ended up being the lead singer from Stephen’s college band, which Stephen told me after I snapchatted him about the whole interaction. ‘Twas the best day I had in a while.

-Eliza (@the_cake_wench)

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to meet him outside the 2 seconds we get at the autograph line. That is going to change in February when I go to the Meet and Greet in Austin. #soexcited

But, what I love about him is his comedic timing. Whether it’s a convenient lack of a rimshot or popping onstage at just the wrong time, he always makes me laugh.

Also, drummers are truly the unsung heroes of any band. Often hidden in the back behind their cymbals, they are the foundation of every song. If the beat is off, the whole show changes. And Stephen is never off.


Stephen Norton keeping the beat. Photo courtesy of Liz Larson.

My favorite memory with Stephen was when I sent him a Snapchat of my dog dancing to Louden Swain the morning before the Supernatural convention I went to. He responded back with a crying/laughing emoji. Every time that I have talked to Stephen has been great and he is an awesome person!


My favorite memories with Stephen are just hearing him talk about his cats.


At Jaxcon this year, during the Vendor’s Jam, I was basically sitting at their feet while they sang and throughout Stephen kept looking down and just smiling at me; it was such a simple thing but it really meant a lot to me.


My favorite memory of Stephen is when I met him at Jacksonville in Louden Swain’s autograph line. I told them all what a great job they do and he looked up at me and smiled as he nodded and said “Thank you.” I really enjoyed watching him and the rest of Louden Swain perform at Saturday Night Special and getting to see them up close and personal at Vendor Jam. Stephen, Happy Birthday! It was a pleasure to meet you!

-Kailey (@kaileygross)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stephen Norton. We hope you have a wonderful day filled with friendship and hopefully a little cake.

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