Friday, March 24, 2023

‘The Magicians’ Season Three Drops on Netflix Today!

TELEVISION'The Magicians' Season Three Drops on Netflix Today!
(Left to Right) Arjun Gupta, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Summer Bishil, Hale Appleman, Stella Maeve, and Jason Ralph. Photo courtesy of SYFY.

The countdown to Season Four of The Magicians has officially begun. With less than a month until the premiere on January 23, 2019, it is the perfect time to sit down and binge the series. And what luck, season three is available on Netflix starting today!

The Magicians, commonly referred to as “Grown-up Harry Potter,” tells the story of Quentin Coldwater as he enters the graduate school Brakebills University and learns to become a magician. With the help of friends Eliot Waugh and Margo Hanson, quasi-romantic interest Alice Quinn, and several other students, Quentin works to hone his skill and defeat The Beast, a murderous creature from another world.

Jade Tailor. Photo Courtesy of SYFY.

The show is very mature and includes cursing, sexual content, and gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Stay tuned for an interview with Magicians co-runner Sera Gamble about all things Season Four, and in the meantime, cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and some magic.

Season Three of The Magicians goes live on Netflix at 12:01 on Monday, December 24, and Season Four premieres on Wednesday, January 23 at 9/8c on SYFY.

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