‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 7: “Out of Scythe”

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Sarah Jeffery (left), Madeleine Mantock (center), Melonie Diaz (right) in Charmed. Image courtesy of IMDB

In the latest episode of this rebooted series, it strays to a storyline that is familiar to Charmed fans.

A man working in a wine store is attacked in the dark by a shadowy figure, the figure reaches into the man’s body and pulls something out that begins to glow red as the ground shakes.

At breakfast, Harry (Rupert Evans) asks the sisters if they felt anything last night, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) says she did, and Harry explains it is what he feared, it was a hell quake. A force of evil is trying to break open the underworld. Considering the amount of time Harry spends at the house, maybe he should just move back in.

Macy (Madeleine Mantock) goes in to work early to meet with her new boss who promotes her to the lab supervisor and gives her the task of firing Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) to cut costs. She meets Galvin for coffee later in attempts to tell him that she has to fire him, but he congratulates her and offers his help. Before Macy can tell him, he runs off to help a co-worker.

Mel (Melonie Diaz) has been working as a bartender at The Haunt and struggling to write her thesis. Back at home, Harry asks her how far along she is on her thesis as it is overdue, and she cannot get another extension. Mel tells him that she is having a hard time completing it and has been preoccupied with being a witch. Having Mel be a bartender where the girls hang out, is a little too similar to how the original show had them at P3.

Struggling to figure out what courses to take in the next semester of university Maggie considers dropping out. The next day she runs into Parker (Nick Hargrove) who asks her out on a date, she agrees as long as it is low key and not very public. On their quiet date, Maggie and Parker talk about their families and how they feel they do not fit in. When he leans in to kiss her, Maggie hears him thinking that he cannot let her find out the truth. Maggie goes to surprise Parker later on at his dorm and finds him in his room with a needle in his arm, she runs off. Parker goes to her house to explain that it was medicine, he has a severe autoimmune disease.

Later in the day, while at home procrastinating over choosing classes Maggie answers the door. It is the man that was attacked. He is thrilled to see that it is one of the Charmed ones, then he collapses into the house after asking for their help.

Macy goes to take off his boots and the sisters are surprised to find a hoof. Harry tells the sisters that the man passed out on their couch is a Satyr. Harry heals him, the man introduces himself as Leon (Callard Harris) and it is known that if you need help to come to this address for the Charmed ones help. Leon says that the shadowy figure took the piece of the scythe from him. Leon is one of three sworn protectors of the scythe shards to Tartarus. He explains that is where the vanquished go and someone must be trying to open it, and to do that, they need the three pieces to make the scythe whole.

The shadow goes after the second scythe piece that is at a fertility clinic, it is guarded by an Egyptian Fertility Goddess.

Macy comes to the conclusion that the pieces are also magnetic and trying to reach out to each other. The sisters hope that will help them find the third piece first and head home to check the Book of Shadows. When they are in the kitchen the house gets covered by bees to which Harry is afraid of. They come to the conclusion that the last piece is in the house. Macy opens the window to let them in in hopes of finding the last shard. The bees lead them to the attic where they find the last piece to the Scythe of Tartarus. The key necklace Macy has been wearing is reacting to the scythe and goes into the end of it, Harry looks concerned and asked where she got it. Macy says she found it a week ago and was afraid to tell them because of what it means. Mel and Maggie say it looks just like what their mother was wearing back in the ’80s. Seems they all have been hiding things from each other.

They know that the shadow will be there soon for the scythe so they light candles and prepare to fight. The sisters trap it in a light circle.

It vanishes and attacks Maggie, they fight, and Macy uses her power to bring it, so Mel can grab the scythe. A bolt of lightning hits her in the shoulder and she drops it into the hands of the mysterious girl that she recognizes as the one who hit on her in the bar.

When Mel looks at the marks on her shoulder it looks just like the ones they found on their mother. Mel does not want Harry to heal it, she wants to keep it to remind her why she is doing this.

Alastair (Craig Parker) is yelling at his son for losing the scythe that can open the can to release the darkness.

His son is none other than Parker, a half-human half-demon, he wants to use his son’s relationship with Mel to help their plans. Having a demon falling in love with the empathic witch, is very Cole and Phoebe. If this reboot does not want to keep getting compared to the original and wants to set themselves apart, do not do that same storyline. Cole battled his human and demonic sides for his love, Parker is going down that path as well. Phoebe in the later seasons had empathic powers, Mel has that now. I know that the Charmed one’s date, but it does not have to be so similar.

The episode ends with each sister making a decision in their respective lives.

Macy tells her boss that she will not fire Galvin because he is an asset to the lab and finds other ways to save them money. Maggie decides to take psychology to help her better understand the minds that she can hear. In an unexpected decision, Mel drops out of university because she wants to follow her dreams whatever they are and not follow her mothers.

Watch the promo for episode eight below!

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