‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 6: “Kappa Spirit”


Sarah Jeffery (left), Madeleine Mantock (center), Melonie Diaz (right) in Charmed. Image courtesy of IMDB

After using the change history spell making it so Niko (Ellen Tamaki) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) never met, the sisters are still feeling down. Macy (Madeleine Mantock) suggests going to the bar, which is called The Haunt. While there with her sisters and Harry (Rupert Evans) Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) sees Lucy (Natalie Hall) and a few of the Kappa sorority girls. Maggie goes up to try to apologize again to Lucy and offer her a pitcher of mojitos as a peace offering. Lucy goes to dump the pitcher on Maggie’s head but Mel freezes time, Maggie does not want to move because she thinks she deserves it.

Back at the Kappa house trying to come down and meditate Lucy lights an old candle that released a ghost into the room.

The next day when Maggie goes over to try again to talk to Lucy there is a new pledge behind her named Brenda (McKaley Miller) that seems to be influencing her. Knowing something is off Maggie looks up previous Kappa’s and finds out that Brenda is from the sorority in the 80’s. Mel and Maggie ask the Book of Shadows and it shows them a restless spirit spell. When they complete the spell, they get transported to the campus in the 80’s and see what happened to Brenda, she was bullied and kicked out of the sorority.

While there they also see their mother (Valerie Cruz) talking to a friend about something being wrong with her baby (she was pregnant with Macy). When they are brought back to their attic, they figure Brenda is a banshee and out for revenge. Going to warn Lucy, they break into the Kappa house and find all the other girls tied up by Brenda and Lucy. Finding out almost every year a girl at the house dies the same way Brenda did, they figure out she is actually a reverent. Lucy is up on the roof drinking wine coolers with Brenda behind her telling her she should jump, when she falls Mel freezes her and Harry goes to her and brings her to the ground. Maggie realizes that she needs to give Lucy space and hopes one day they can be friends again.

In the lab at work, Macy finds out that the new sponsors want all employees to give blood samples. When she sees Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) the mark seems to glow brighter, Harry tells her to stay close to investigate it. Harry tells her he will go with her to Galvin’s birthday party to see if he can see this mark.

At the birthday party when she sees the mark glowing, Harry looks but cannot see it either. Macy goes to a psychic to ask her what the mark means, the psychic tells her it is a protection mark. When Macy asks why she is the only one who can see it, the psychic is reluctant to answer her. She tells Macy it is because she has a darkness in her, that is why she can see the mark and tells her to stay away from Galvin. Before she leaves the psychic tells her

“The pillar of your past holds the key to your darkness”

Macy texts her sisters to meet her at The Haunt, when they get there, she tells them about what the psychic told her. Mel and Maggie look at each other and do not tell her about seeing their mother and what she was worried about.

A demon at Macy’s work is holding her blood vile when her boss comes in, the demon kills him leaving with her blood.

Looking at the photo she has of her mother holding her as an infant she figures out that the pillar is on the front porch of the house. She goes outside and removes a fixture and finds a box with a key in it.

Watch the promo for next week’s episode “Out of Scythe” below!

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