A Farewell To Rick Grimes of ‘The Walking Dead’

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Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Image courtesy of IMDB.

After nine seasons, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, is saying farewell to The Walking Dead in episode nine this Sunday, November 4. Since the first episode aired, fans have been following him on this journey, crying with him during every loss, rejoicing with him during every win, and watching his circle of family and friends get smaller and smaller. From the moment he woke up from his coma, Rick Grimes has been fighting for a better future.

Lincoln wrote a touching letter thanking the fans and media for their support of the show and his character. Here are some excerpts from the letter, which can be read in its entirety on the TV Guide website.

“Thank you…For coming with us on this journey. For the nine years of fear, heartache, anger and, let’s face it, guts you’ve shown by making it through these 115 episodes and counting… For understanding that despite the high volume of undead, this is actually an ongoing story about what it is to be alive. A story of hope, family and friendship… It’s been a wild ride, shaped by the relationship between the show and the fans of the show, and in no small part you good people of the press.”

As a “thank you” and farewell to Andrew Lincoln for portraying the strong, complicated, and at times flawed character, Nerds & Beyond presents some fan-favorite Rick Grimes moments.

Jennifer (@macd1982):

“My favourite ‘Rick moment’ is also probably my favourite moment of the entire series and it happened early on in the first season. It’s the moment Rick is finally reunited with his family seemingly out of the blue. Andrew’s acting in that scene never fails to make me emotional, no matter how many times I watch it (and I have watched it a lot). The disbelief, relief, and sheer joy that he cycles through in quick succession as he hugs his son and his wife … it’s such a small scene but it had a huge impact on me.”

Courtesy of AMC.

Nicky (@nicky_normshine):

“Shooting zombie Sophia, caused him so much pain. The realisation that this world really was happening and could happen to his family at any moment. What his life and his son’s life had become. Yet still standing up and being the one to take the lead. He always has, maybe that’s what his downfall was. “

Courtesy of AMC.


“As odd as it sounds, I would have to say it was when he killed Shane in season 2. They had a very interesting and complicated relationship and history. They were friends and worked together, but once Rick was out of the picture and in a coma, he took over Rick’s life as if he wanted to be him. When Rick woke up from the coma and was finally reunited with his family Shane was once again pushed aside. Shane tried to undermine him and was very resentful. So, with all of that emotional build up to have it where Shane was going to kill him unless he [was killed first] was inevitable. You could tell Rick was both heartbroken and a bit relieved for killing his former best friend. That conflict within himself I think he carried with him through all the seasons.”

Courtesy of AMC.

Deb (@Classichassis):

“We all know that Rick has not always made what we would consider the right choices, but he certainly didn’t back down from making the tough calls. When I look back at his years on the show, I think this is the thing that stands out for me the most. Rick always put his responsibility to the group ahead of his own interests.

Rick wanted to build something; he wanted a future for his kids and the others in the group, not just an existence. He wanted to build a life.  He always tried to be the best father he could be. Rick tried to teach Carl survival and defense skills, while emphasizing how important it was to actually LIVE every day, not just survive.

I personally am going to miss Rick on the show. I never thought this day would come. I didn’t see how it could. While I fully realize that in a show like The Walking Dead no one is considered safe, I always felt that certain characters were safe.  Now I know that anything can happen.  We shall have to keep watching to see what happens from here but in the meantime, let’s say a heartfelt goodbye to Rick Grimes. Here’s to your honor, dependability and your ability to see the good in almost anyone (Negan excepted of course!) We will miss you Rick… Daryl has some big shoes to fill.”

Courtesy of AMC.

What else is there to say except, you will be missed Andrew. Thank you for bringing Rick Grimes to life. All the best to you in your future projects.

Watch the trailer for Lincoln’s final episode below!

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