‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: “Sweet Tooth”

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When the episode begins, the sisters are battling a demon and it is not going well, as they are all distracted. Maggie is checking her cell phone, Macy is too much in her head, and Mel wants to charge in without thinking of a plan. They are about to lose, when it turns out to have been a training simulation from Harry – and they failed.

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Mel’s girlfriend Nico almost caught her casting a spell in the attic and Macy making an egg float. Maggie is more concerned over trying to get into the sorority then with finding the demon. She doesn’t want her witch life to take over her social life. Macy is having a hard time not over-analyzing everything, and with coming to terms with her feelings for co-worker Galvin.

Macy discovers that sugar reacts badly with the demon, so she makes some cookies that they can give out to people to find which human the demon is possessing. Upon learning that Angela is out of her coma, Mel assumes the demon is in her and pays her a visit. Mel offers her a cookie and Angela eats it with no effect but, when Mel leaves, she pulls it out of her stomach and opens the fridge to reveal the head of a student and water bottles filled with blood that she drinks.

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When Macy, Mel, and Harry get back to the house, they discover that Maggie is throwing a Halloween party for the sorority to get around the alcohol ban on the university’s campus. She makes the house, and her costume, look amazing by using a glamour spell, which Harry explains to her has consequences.

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During the party, Nico has to leave because another body was found on campus. So far two students, and one nun have died. The sisters decide to go look for the demon and put a protection spell over the house. When it doesn’t work, Harry says that means the demon is already in the house. This demon lives on the blood of virgins, and while they are trying to figure out how to lure it out of the house, Macy cuts her hand – effectively using herself as bait.

The sisters lure the demon, who reveals herself as Angela, into the woods across from their house to get ready for the spell. Mel and Macy say their part of the spell but just as Maggie is about to say hers, she gets weak and falls. Harry tells Macy to run as he helps Maggie up, telling her she’s weak because of the personal gain spell she cast, so she ends the spell, making herself feel better. As the demon is about to get Macy, Mel – despite Harry repeatedly telling her not to – uses an energy blast, knocking all of them over. While the blast does stop the demon, it also has stopped Macy’s breathing. Harry heals her and tells them he will take care of the demon. Mel stays behind to apologize for being headstrong. Harry tells her he is only hard on her because she reminds him of Fiona, a witch who he watched over before, and died.

Back at the house Macy finally gives in and kisses Galvin, who feels the same way about her. Maggie meets Peter, who she had met twice before and there were sparks. Mel cancels an evening with her girlfriend because they have the demon chained up in their attic until the elders can respond.

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