‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: “Let This Mother Out”

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Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jeffery in The CW’s Charmed. Image courtesy of www.imdb.com.

While Janet, a custodian at the university, is cleaning the lab, a demonic black blob attacks her. It goes into her body trying to possess her, but for some reason, it is not able to and leaves through the vents.

The sisters are having a hard time deciding if they can trust Harry after the Ouija board told them not to, because they think it is their mother’s spirit speaking to them. Whenever they say his name, he seems to appear, which they find suspicious. He warns them to be on the lookout for demonic activity now that the underworld is aware of them. Before he leaves, Harry tells them to be careful with the Ouija board because it can bring tricksters.

Macy is unpacking her new room that happens to be their mother’s old room, but Maggie and Mel do not want to see anything changed. After seeing her sisters use their powers with control, Maggie tells them that she envies that.

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They begin to argue about who to trust. Mel is certain that the spirit belongs to their mother and wants to ask questions that only she can answer to prove her theory. Macy wants to find objective evidence that their adviser is lying. During the argument, the book of shadows opens on its own to the page with a truth serum. Maggie offers the deciding vote and, although she wants the spirit to be their mother, she sides with Macy. Since majority rules among the sisters, they use the truth serum.

At the hospital, the sorority pledge class is visiting Angela, the girl in the coma mentioned briefly in the previous episode. When they all hold hands, Maggie can still hear what they are thinking, including Angela’s screaming, even though she is wearing gloves.

Back at the lab, Macy and Galvin talk for the first time since the beer bottle incident when she first got her powers. He tells Macy that they will be working together since he is her new teammate.  Macy asks about the mess on the floor, and he tells her about what happened to the custodian Janet. Macy sees the black residue and collects a sample. When she goes to the hospital and enters Janet’s room, she sees Harry doing something to her. He says he is just erasing her memory of what happened.

Mel is in the attic on the phone when the Ouija board spells out an old nickname her mom used to call her. When Maggie walks in on her, Mel says she has been asking questions only their mother would know, and the board has gotten them all right. Macy comes in to tell them she made the truth serum. She sees a hand coming out of the board to grab Maggie, so she uses her powers to fling the board to help her and the board breaks. Mel and Macy argue over the broken board and possibly losing contact with their mother, Macy mentions that she feels more like an outsider.

Mel’s girlfriend Niko comes over and meets Macy who, as she is leaving, grabs the wrong tea canister. Niko asks if everything is alright. She replies, “More sisters, more drama…”

While waiting for Harry, Macy gets a call from Galvin asking where she is and mentions they did her extractions since she was gone. She also learns that Janet has died. When Harry walks in, Macy hangs up on Galvin.

Niko calls Mel and realizes that Mel drank the truth serum, based on the things Mel is saying. Waiting for her sisters to return, Maggie fixes the Ouija board, which then spells “release me”. She tells Mel that their mother can come back, and her spirit gave her a spell to make that happen. They hurry and do the spell not wanting Macy to know. The spell works, and their mother is standing in front of them.

Harry and Macy transport back into the attic. Her mother says that Harry is the one who killed her, so they knock him out. She tells her daughters that he wants to use the prism of souls to steal their powers and to kill them. They figure out that the prism is in a mirror in their mother’s office, which is now Harry’s new office at the university. Before they go, Maggie finds it strange that she cannot hear or sense her mother when they touch.

In the office, they go into the mirror and see a pyramid in the center of a room. When all three of them put their hands on it, it opens revealing the prism of souls. They pick it up, and all the mirrors around them begin to break. When the sisters hold hands, they are able to escape before the last mirror shatters.

The sisters walk into their home and are greeted with Harry and their mother fighting. Harry tells the sisters that who they think is their mother is actually an impostor demon that can read memories, which is why it got all the answers right. They do not know who to trust because they really want it to be their mother. Maggie does not think she is actually their mother, because she was not able to feel her.

Eventually, the demon slips up and says something that Mel knows her mother would never say. Mel grabs the knife that was hovering in front of Harry and stabs the demon in the heart. When the demon wakes up, Harry says it can only be killed by seeing its own reflection. With all the mirrors in the house broken when they released it, Maggie takes her cell phone and turns the camera on like she was taking a selfie. When the demon sees its self on the phone’s camera, it dies.

Gif courtesy of @CW_Charmed on Twitter.
Gif courtesy of @CW_Charmed on Twitter.

Mel and Maggie pack up their mother’s room, so Macy can feel more at home. They have a sisterly moment with Maggie giving them advice and deciding that they should all agree that, from now on, no more majority rules. Macy makes up with Galvin, and we see some sparks between the two.

Harry comes back having confirmed with the elders that the black goo Macy gave him is from a demon called the harbinger of hell. It is trying to revive the source of all evil and is looking for its vessel. Angela’s eyes open as Harry’s voice is saying, “If he finds one, everything is going to change.”

Gif courtesy of @CW_Charmed on Twitter.


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