‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: “A Grapefruit Worth 20 Million”

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Kim Coates as Declan Gardiner in the latest episode of ‘Bad Blood’. Courtesy of CityTV

The episode begins where we left off, with Declan scrambling to find where Teresa and Christian Langana are keeping his shipment of drugs.  He has his many contact phones out and is calling everyone to keep an eye out for it when one of them rings, it’s the Mexican Cartel reminding him that he has seven days to pay them the money for the drugs. Immediately after he ends that call another cell phone ring, it is Teresa asking Declan if he will take their offer. Declan says no and hangs up on her, Teresa sends a text to her brother and associate, they open fire on Declan’s cabin. Declan and his nephew Reggie escape through a tunnel that leads near the woods when they come out, the house blows up. They believe Declan is dead.

The Cosoleto’s head to a church with a sold sign on it to meet with the Langana twins. Teresa tells them that Declan is dead, and they will sell his drugs to the people he was going to sell them to, to get his clients. The twins tell them that they are going to use the church to make their drugs to sell to people, by selling fentanyl. The only Cosoleto that is in favour of it is Luca, everyone else is eerie of it, but, what the twins want they make happen.

Val goes to check in with Detective Bullock and goes on a rant of not wanting to do this anymore. Detective Bullock tells her if she knows what happens to rat wives who cheat on their mob boss husbands. She tells Val that next time she wants her to call her with information. Nats, of course, tells his wife about what the twins are planning and about going into fentanyl. She tells him he shouldn’t tell her things, but he wants to tell her everything because she is his wife and doesn’t want to keep things from her.

Declan hires someone to find his missing drugs and get medication to his nephew. The woman he hired is surprised as she didn’t think he had any family. Declan replies,

 “Neither did I”

Domenic Cosoleto is outside his house smoking when Declan shows up to get some answers. The brief conversation ends with them giving each other warnings. Declan goes to the three bosses he sells to where he learns the twins have already reached out to them about selling. The only ones that stay are from the motorcycle club, the president Alex tells him that they are all meeting in the same place to get their drugs. Declan has a plan to get them back.

The RCMP has decided to cut funding on the gang task force and Detective Bullock is furious about that. Rose Sunwind goes to prison to visit her brother who tells her that he would bet on Declan in this war. Right before the bikers get ready to go to the meet spot, Alex takes the cell phone of the informant.

At the meet, Declan and two mercenaries he hired are waiting for the twins to show up. Two of the three groups waiting get text messages to go to a different location, luckily the bikers stay there. When the van shows up and two guys get out Declan starts shooting, first killing the informant biker. When they check the van, not all the drugs were there, they send the driver to the twins to deliver a message that he is coming for them.

Detective Bullock rushes into her boss’s office and shows him the photo of the dead informant and tells him about the shootout at the cement plant where the owner happens to be friends with the minister of finance. Her boss gives her four weeks.

Declan sells the recovered drugs to the bikers where Alex thanks him for telling them about the rat. Declan tells Alex that he is going to need him to stay close to the twins and be his inside person.

The guy delivers the message to the Cosoleto’s and the twins, Teresa asks questions about how everything happened when all of a sudden, she hits him a few times with an iron pan in anger. As she is leaving she tells them to find and kill Declan.

When Domenic opens his BBQ, he finds the head of Frank, the ship yard employee that helped them steal Declan’s shipment of drugs. He calls and tells Teresa about finding the head.

Since his cabin house is gone, Declan is staying at Rose’s since no one would think to look for him there. When he is outside having a smoke someone from the Mexican cartel comes around the corner pointing a gun at him reminding him again about the dead line.

Reggie has been staying at a hotel and only wants to be with Declan, seems he doesn’t like being alone. Declan reminds him not to forget to go to his parole hearing and take his medication. When Reggie is leaving his hearing, he gets chloroformed and kidnapped by the twins.

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