‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 1 Recap: “Pilot”

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“You’re better together, your differences are your strengths, and nothing is stronger than your sisterhood. Nurture that.”

That is part of what Mel and Maggie Vera’s mother told them in a mother-daughter moment before the girls went out. Little did any of them know, everything was about to change drastically.

Back at the house, the girls’ mother gets a surprise visitor when a crow flies through the window into the house. You can tell she is nervous when she texts her daughters to come back home.  In the attic, she is performing some kind of a spell when the circular window breaks open and a bunch of crows fly in and circle her. A cold mist starts to flow into the room but stops and retreats as she shouts,

“Hear this, I have three”

After getting the text from her mother, Mel leaves her girlfriends apartment and goes to get her sister from the sorority she is pledging at. When the girls get home and open the front door a crow flies out almost hitting them, it is dark and cold in the house, they can see their breath. When they enter the attic and see that the window is broken, they walk over and look out only to see the body of their mother.

Three months later, Macy Vaughn is walking with a friend talking when she sees the Vera’s family house she becomes emotional recognizing it. Macy has just started working at the university for a professor that has just come off of a suspension for harassment, which he makes a point to tell her that it was not true, then directly after complements her blouse. When reading the article about the death she not only recognizes her but learns she taught at the university as well.

While Mel is putting up protest posters around the university about the recently reinstated professor, she gets into an argument with a student named Cameron. In the heated discussion, Cameron mentions Mel’s mother, the argument ends with her punching him in the face.

Maggie comes home to get something, and the sisters fight about moving on from their mother’s death, Maggie accepts that it was an accident while Mel thinks she was murdered. The fighting stops when they hear a knock at the door, there standing is Macy holding up a photo of herself in her mother’s arms that she found when her father died.

“I think I’m your sister.”

When Macy walks into the house there is a flash of lightning and the power goes out. Another argument starts when Mel will not accept that Macy is their sister.

Later that night, Macy is at the bar with her friend Galvin, she tells him that going to the house was about curiosity not that she needs them. Things get heated and the beer that Macy is drinking flies out of her hands and hits the wall shattering. She runs out apologizing to him saying she is clumsy and drunk.

At the sorority house, Maggie is getting a tour and one of the pledge leaders introduces her to a few others in the house. When Maggie goes to shake their hands, she can hear their thoughts. Understandably scared, she runs out.

Mel is meeting with her now ex-girlfriend at a coffee shop to talk about Macy. A guy trips and his coffee is about to fall when Mel reaches out and everything freezes. As she is panicking, things unfreeze for a few seconds before freezing again. She says she has to go and runs out of the café.

Mel suddenly wakes up next to Maggie and Macy, they are all tied to chairs in their attic. Harry, the man who now has the job their mother had, head of the women’s department tells them,

“You are witches, witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom. That’s right, you are the Charmed ones. The most powerful trio of witches.”

Harry snaps his fingers and the rope that was tying them to the chairs disappear. He tells them that he is a White lighter and confirms Mel’s suspicion that their mother was murdered. He shows them the Book of Shadows and that this is their birthright and they have 48 hours to decide if they want to accept these powers or not. Mel seems to be the only one at the moment who is fully on board with being a witch.

When Maggie is taking a shortcut through the words she sees and approaches a dog, the dogs face suddenly morphed demon like and attacks her. Back at the attic the three sisters with Harry are looking for the demon that the dog belongs to, Maggie asks Harry if the cut on her face will scar, he reaches out and heals it. After yet another argument between Mel and Maggie, Maggie goes outside only to be taken.

While researching a way to kill the demon Macy figures out a compound in the demon dogs’ blood reacts badly with baking soda that it dies. Turns out, Maggie was taken by the sorority for initiation night. The sisters think that the head sorority girl is the demon. When Mel throws the baking soda at the sorority girl nothing happens, so who is the demon? Turns out the demon is in Maggie’s ex-boyfriend Brian, Macy throws the baking soda at him and the demon dies.

During a sister moment on the way home, Macy tells them that they are better together which is what their mom used to tell them. The three of them curl up in bed and watch videos and of their mother. While the other two sleep Macy goes over everything about the demons and thinks the one that killed their mother is still out there and is now after Mel.

At the protest rally, Mel can feel the cold and follows it to the lab of the professor that was accused of harassment. He transforms into an ice upper-level demon and is about to attack her. Maggie, Macy, and Cameron rush in and the demon throws an ice spike stabbing Cameron. Macy starts to read the spell to vanquish the demon, but Harry tells her it will not work without the ‘power of three’ and they have to embrace their powers. They all agree and say yes, the demon separates them and fills the room with ice mist. Macy uses her power to bring her sisters to her, they take each other’s hands and say the spell killing the demon. Unfortunately, he is not the demon that killed their mom, and as he is dying says,

“Now it’s begun”

Harry heals Cameron and the girls leave arm in arm to head home, Macy is now living there as well. The episode ends with the girls using the Ouija board to try to contact their mom, it works, and she uses it to send the message “Don’t trust Harry” when the girls turn around he is right behind them.

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