‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: “Who Are You”

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Season one of Bad Blood was based on the 2015 book ‘Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War’ by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards. Giving a look at the Montreal, Quebec Canada Rizzuto crime family, including their rise and ending with their deaths. Through that journey, we meet Declan Gardiner (Kim Coates), Vito’s right-hand man and enforcer until there were problems in the family that made him take matters into his own hands.

If you haven’t seen the first episode of season two yet I would stop reading here. There will be spoilers from this point on.

Meet the season two families.


In the season two premier titled “Who Are You”, it has been five years since the death of Vito Rizzuto, Declan is in sole control of the Montreal drug scene and is as ruthless as ever to keep it that way.  It begins with a soliloquy from Declan about finding who you are.

“Who are you? Have you ever really asked yourself that? Chances are no. Because the world just tells you.”

He goes to Mexico to meet with Jorge Ramirez (Pedro Miguel Arce), a powerful and feared cartel boss to inquire about buying drugs directly through him. Declan is not doing this for more money, he is doing this because he does not want to answer to anyone. Ramirez, who only sells directly to a select few he can trust, says while doing research on Declan it was discovered that Ramirez’s cousin was stealing from him. After killing his cousin in front of Declan they reach a deal with a warning from Ramirez about how they do not make family suffer and Declan, is not family. As he drives away you hear his over voice.

“Who am I? I’m a gangster”

In Hamilton, Ontario Detective Bullock (Lisa Berry) and Ken Tucker (Eric Hicks) are in a car taking photographs and filming the Cosoleto family as they enter an Italian Club for a meeting. All of a sudden, another vehicle pulls up and two people get out and head into the building, Detective Bullock does not know who they are, as it is usually family only allowed to these meetings.

She has been following and working on taking down the Cosoleto family for many years as part of the organized crime department in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Inside the two newcomers who are introduced as Teresa Langana (Anna Hopkins) and Christian Langana (Johnny Falcone) from the head family in Italy and inform Domenic Cosoleto (Louis Ferreira) that they are here to help by doing three things, expand their territory, diversify their product and increase local profits. The only thing in their way stopping them from taking Montreal is Declan Gardiner.

Detective Bullock has been working on taking down the Cosoleto family for a while, so she has some confidential informants. One of her informants turns out to be Val (Melanie Scrofano), the wife of mob boss Nats Cosoleto (Dylan Taylor).

She wants Val to tell her what she knows about the newcomers and why they are here, but all Val has is their names. Tucker asks how she got Val to be her informant, Detective Bullock says she caught Val on tape cheating on her husband with a man from her son’s daycare.

Back in Montreal, Declan is trying to expand his points of entry to deliver his product, so he visits an old friend’s sister Rose Sunwind (Sharon Taylor) to make an offer. With their reserve, the Sunwind family have been moving contraband cigarettes for over a decade and is only listening to Declan’s offer because of their history. After a bit of negotiating, they come to a deal.

Teresa and her brother Christian go to the port of Montreal to talk and see if they can make a deal with them, but they are loyal to Declan and say no. Teresa calls Domenic to set up a meeting with Declan (this should be interesting). In that process another informant of Detective Bullock is shown, Gabriel a member of the biker motorcycle club calls with brief information about a new meet up.

Declan agrees to meet with the Langana twins to hear what they have to say. They make an offer and want Declan to work for them, his response.

“As long as I’m above ground, I don’t work for anyone, ever”

At the port of Montreal, you see the Langana twin’s bodyguard driving a big rig and with the help of a not so loyal port worker, he takes Declan’s shipment and drives off. When the head of the port calls Declan to tell him that the shipment left he is confused, his driver is not there and did not even have the pin code yet. Declan’s burner phone starts to ring and when he answers it, Teresa says that their offer is still available for 24 hours and that they will hold onto the shipment for him.

Are the Langana twins biting off more than they can handle going after Declan? How will Declan handle the new comers? Will this lead Detective Bullock to Declan?

Only time will tell.

You can watch Bad Blood Thursdays on CityTV.

If you missed it here is a look at the season two premiere episode from the Bad Blood Twitter page.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Leave your comments below.

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