Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Briana Buckmaster Voices Pug in New Children’s Show, ‘Chip and Potato’

For the past few months, Briana Buckmaster has been teasing her voice-over work on a cartoon, and we just learned which show it was for! Briana is the voice of Lil Mama in the Canadian cartoon, Chip and Potato.

Photo courtesy of Family Jr.

Buckmaster announced the name of the show and gave a few details at one of her panels at the Supernatural convention in Cleveland along with sharing the news via Twitter. The tweet even includes the opening theme song of Chip and Potato where you can hear a little snippet of Briana singing if you listen closely.

According to Family Jr, the cartoon is about a little pug named Chip and her best friend, Potato, who everyone thinks is a toy but is actually a mouse! The adorable duo is always side by side as they start kindergarten and take on all-new challenges of growing up. Other characters include Lil Papa (Chip’s father), Spud (Chip’s brother), and Niko (a friend).

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A press release from CBS8 shared the schedule for the airing of new episodes. Chip and Potato‘s first episode airs on Family Channel Jr. in Canada on October 15th. More episodes are being released nightly from October 15-19, and then weekly on Mondays at 7pm ET.

Sadly, the cartoon is only available in Canada right now, but will be released on Netflix in early 2019 based on Briana’s tweet.

We look forward to seeing and hearing Briana Buckmaster as the lovable Lil Mama in her new show.

“Pugs and kisses!”

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