GISH Opens 2019 Hunt Registration

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In a completely unprecedented move, GISH has opened registration really early for the first time ever! The week-long Hunt, which usually takes place in August, announced early registration was open on October 1, 2018.

Aside from when registration was open for 72 hours back in August, being able to register this early and begin building your teams this far in advance is absolutely unheard of.

On the GISH website, they explain the benefits of signing up early.

Joining the 2019 GISH Hunt early may cause bouts of euphoria, weirdness, and the intense desire to curse Misha Collins’ name. Registered Gishers may also experience one or more of the following:

  • Eligibility for cool prizes & experiences
  • Bragging rights that you’re registered before your friends
  • Additional time to brainwash (strikethrough) coerce (strikethrough) convince friends and family to join
  • More time to upgrade to even cooler registration packages
  • Persistent dreams of wearing various foods & fluids
  • The opportunity to build and bond with team mates & develop a foolproof strategy to conquer the world (and win GISH)

In some cases, bouts of excessive excogigation may occur. If you experience this, please consult a doctor or a patent attorney immediately.

On the Facebook group, “The Gish Bunker”, the VP of GISH (Charlie Capen) has hinted that it is important to get your teams together early, though he teased that Misha Collins (founder of GISH and star of Supernatural) hasn’t allowed him to say anything more.

If you’re looking to sign up for the first time, there are several tiers of registration, varying from The Basic GISH Package which is just over twenty dollars, all the way up to The Most Premiumerest Package. That package will run you almost $250, but comes with a vast array of yet-to-be-announced swag and collectors items.

Don’t forget to download the GISH App if you haven’t already. Though it isn’t necessary to participate in GISH, it does enhance the experience. GISH hasn’t said how long the early registration will be open, so make sure to join the hunt now if you can.

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