Jensen Ackles from ‘Supernatural’ on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’: Recap

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Jensen Ackles with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’ October 1, 2018. Photo via LIVE with Kelly and Ryan Instagram

Jensen Ackles, one of the stars of Supernatural, was on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan this morning. Amidst teasing from Ripa about when he and his wife, Danneel, would add a fourth child, Ackles spent some time talking about the origin of his children’s names.

After a commercial break, viewers were treated to a preview of Season 14 of Supernatural where Dean Winchester’s vessel is occupied by the archangel Michael. Once the clip aired, Ackles explained how difficult it was for him to play Michael instead of Dean. After Ripa comments on how the show still feels so fresh, Ackles explains why he thinks that is.

I’ve never played this character that you just saw… You show up to the same set, you show up, you see all the same faces. And those are all things that kind of instinctively get you into that character. And now they’re saying, ‘Go there, and be completely different.’ And it proved to be a little bit more difficult than I anticipated. You’re in this setting, and it’s like, ‘Okay, it’s time to play Dean.’ You want to be that character that you know so well, and then you have to fight those instincts in order to make this character happen. So it was a challenge!”

Though the whole video is not uploaded, you can watch the first segment on the LIVE with Ryan and Kelly website here.

Don’t forget, Season 14 of Supernatural premieres on Thursday, October 11!

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