Happy Birthday, Matt Cohen! Our Favorite Matt Moments!

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Today we’re celebrating Matt Cohen’s birthday! You may know Matt as Young John Winchester/Michael on Supernatural, Dr. Griffin Munro on General Hospital, or from his many other roles on Kings of Con, South of Nowhere, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and How to Get Away with Murder. Matt’s not only known for his acting roles, but for his activism, his ability to stand up for others, and we admire just how big his heart actually is.

So, our staff came together to write our favorite Matt moments. Happy Birthday, Matt!


When I come to think about my favorite Matt moments, honestly, I just think the best thing to say is “all of them”. Every single moment I’ve ever interacted with Matt has been memorable.

When I think about the words to describe what kind of person he is, I almost feel like words can’t do justice. Matt is kind. He’s brave. He’s inspirational. He posts #you posts just in hopes that it will lift your spirits and make your day better. He fights for what he believes in and fights to make this world a better place. He’s endearing, he’s smart. He’s a nerd about his and his family’s butterfly garden, how he loves boxing, his favorite Disney movie, building forts with his wife and son. You can tell he radiates love; whether it be from the way he stands up for people, the way he interacts with people at conventions, or the videos and pictures he posts of himself, his wife, Mandy, and their son. I’ve had multiple interviews, even face-to-face, and I can without a doubt tell you he’s just as kind, and just as nice as he seems to be. For our interview, we were only given about a 15-minute time window, but even after a few mishaps, Matt made sure to do the interview and it was a lot longer than it should have been. He never once made us feel like we were wasting his time; I will never forget that. For the first face-to-face interview that I’ve ever done, it made it feel like I was just talking to an old friend, one that I had known my entire life.

As for the site, he’s been one of our biggest supporters and I don’t think I could ever adequately tell him what that’s meant to my staff. What it’s meant to me.

Matt, thank you for simply being you. For making us believe that we can be the best of ourselves. We’re all so proud of all the success you continue to have. Thank you so much for everything.


My favorite memory with Matt was at the convention in Phoenix, in 2017. I attended his meet and greet and it was the highlight of my weekend.

He is so engaging, friendly, funny, and charming. We had the best time listening to stories about his childhood and his own son. Matt is always so welcoming and happy to see us, and the feeling is very mutual.

Courtesy of Kayla Renee Photography


I haven’t met Matt Cohen before, but watching his interview that Nerds and Beyond did of him, made me feel like he was a person I could relate to. Seeing how happy he makes the Nerds and Beyond staff and his fans, it’s easy to see that he is a caring and loving person.

I just want to thank him for being so open and devoted to his fans and that means the world to us. We appreciate it more than anything when we feel that we’ve made new friends and role models. I can’t wait to meet him one day and I wish him the best in all his success! Happy birthday Matt Cohen!


I do not even know where to begin with Matt Cohen. He is the most supportive person on the face of this planet. He is so genuine and real and that is refreshing in this day and age.

My in-person interactions with Matt are unfortunately limited to one con, Nashville 2017, but they still manage to make me smile every time I think of them. Matt was the first of my faves to instill confidence in me with regards to my writing. During his autograph session I handed him a #you poem I had written for him to sign, expecting him to just sign and hand it back, and instead he held up the tail end of his autograph line to read it. He did not look up until he finished and then smiled the biggest smile and complemented it.

For an entire year, any time I would have doubts about writing I would think about that interaction. It was not a great piece of work but he took the time to say it was. Thanks to that moment I kept at it and have grown a lot. He also (jokingly) told me to find better people than Rob Benedict to be a fan of but I let that one slide. After all, nobody is perfect.

I became a fan of Matt via his #you posts on Instagram. There are days I will scroll through and just read because either I need a pick me up or I know someone who does. I love that he is having the success that he is because if anyone deserves it it is a guy with a heart like his.

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, Matt!


I have to say that one of the best things about Matt is his genuine love for the fans and his seemingly endless energy. Every single story from fans after a con always talks about his genuine interest in talking with them, in making sure they get his full attention. He seems to radiate happiness and love that everyone in a room can pick up on.

Seeing Matt perform at the New Jersey con in 2017 is one of my absolute favorite memories. His energy is unparalleled when he is on stage. He somehow got the entire room just as pumped as he was in the span of a single song. We were all cheering and singing and smiling right along with him. It was amazing to see how genuinely happy he was to be there, singing for his fans and having a good time.

Even when he wasn’t performing himself, his joy seemed to radiate off the stage into everyone around him. I never saw him stop smiling the entire time. His presence made SNS even more memorable for me, and I would not trade anything for that experience. I cannot wait to meet him at the Dallas con next year!

Thank you for being such an amazing human and constantly encouraging all of us with you positivity. Happy birthday Matt!

Courtesy of Kayla Renee Photography


My favorite memory of Matt is from Nashcon 2017. I had a meet and greet with him, Rob and Rich. I had decided to make cookies for everyone in the group. I had also heard that Matt was vegan, and made the appropriate cookies. When I told him there were vegan cookies, he informed me that he was not vegan, but he appreciated that I made them. Matt then yelled “Everyone eat those cookies! They are vegan, that means they’re healthy!” It was very funny.

Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope it’s a good one!


It gives me great joy watching Matt interact with his fans at Karaoke. He is such a ball of energy; constantly running back and forth on the stage. I can tell that he is genuinely happy to be there, no matter how tired he must be, he really wants to make sure that the fans have a great time.

He goes out of his way to create real moments that his fans will remember and cherish even if the moment only lasts a few seconds. My favorite Matt moment happened this past weekend at #SPNIndy. It was during autographs, I had an article about the Birthday Project that Nerds and Beyond had done that I wanted him to sign. He thanked all of the writers for their support. He looked me right in the eye and I could tell that he meant every word. It made me very proud to be a part of something larger than myself.

Happy birthday Matt! I hope you have many special birthday moments on your special day.

Happy Birthday Matt, from our entire staff!

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