Happy Birthday Jason: Staff and Fans Share Favorite Jason Manns Moments!

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As we tend to celebrate a lot of some of our favorite’s birthdays here, we thought we’d take another fun spin on it. Born on September 23, is Jason Manns. Jason is an incredible musician, having released his own albums, as well as taking on as a mentor for many others and helping produce their own debut albums for people such as Gil McKinney and Briana Buckmaster. Jason is also a part of The Station Breaks. Jason Manns came into most of our lives through Supernatural conventions. He has been there since the beginning, entertaining fans with his laid back, amazingly crafted music and his stellar personality.

To celebrate his birthday today, members of our staff and some of our readers wrote their favorite Jason moments. Read them below!

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I have so many amazing memories with Jason. One that sticks out is at the brunch with him and Blake Lewis in Atlanta recently. I spent the last few days going to their East Coast tour, from Virginia to North Carolina to Georgia. Jason and I got to spend a fair amount of time talking and it was like the small group of us were just buds hanging out. I was kind of amazed at how relaxed the atmosphere was, and how much Jason spoke to me like an equal. I really felt heard and respected as an individual. I will never forget those few days. They will forever be some of my favorite memories in my entire time in this fandom, and indeed in my lifetime. I’m so grateful for Jason as a musician and a person.


My niece and I were at his autograph table last year at the Supernatural con in Nashville. We were each getting a CD signed. He asked her name (Delainey) and then asked her to spell it for him. So she began “D-e-l-a-i…” and he suddenly stops her and goes “wait, what was that?” “I?” He looked completely confused and she looked confused at his confusion. He then asked “Which letter is that?” I almost fell out laughing right there because poor Jason could not understand her thick southern accent and she could not figure out why he did not know the letters of the alphabet. He was very good natured about it once the confusion was cleared up but I do not think she will ever try to have him spell her name again!

Jennifer M. (@macd1982)

Back in 2015, I was absolutely convinced that I was never gonna get a chance to meet Jason Manns in person (this was before he was really doing CE cons). During one of his Stageit shows, he offered everyone who tipped over a certain amount a 30 minute Skype call with him so I decided to get one. It was the most awkward 30 minutes of my life but it was also utterly fabulous. I asked him for some tips on learning guitar and he demonstrated a few things for me and gave me some really good advice that I still think about when I’m playing my guitar today.

Little did I know then… I have since seen Jason in person at 5 different SPN cons (soon to be 6) as well as at Louden Swain’s ‘No Time Like The Present’ album release party in LA. He is always so sweet and kind to me.

Another favourite memory I have was at his m&g in Toronto last year. I asked him why he never plays the song “Weary Man” anymore because it’s my absolute fave of his. He then proceeded to play it for me (or … most of it anyways). It was a moment I will never forget because it meant so much to me and he didn’t have to do it but he chose to try to make my request come true, despite any misgivings he may have had about playing a song he hadn’t played in a very long time.

Jason also opened for Louden Swain at their album release party in 2017. I got to hear him play “Stand By Me” in person for the first time and it was so beautiful. I also got to hear Jason, Rob [Benedict], and Billy [Moran] perform “Hallelujah” together for the first time that night and it gave me chills. Those experiences are moments that I am so grateful for and I will cherish them forever.

Sam (@honeybeemish)

I’ve been lucky enough to interact with Jason multiple times. Each memory makes me smile, he’s always so sweet. One of the ones that stands out the most was when he played my favorite song of his, “When Did I Stop Believing”, at Manns Cave. He would begin the song and stop to say something, and look at me for my reaction. When he eventually played it I don’t think I stopped smiling. It’s impossible to put into words how amazing it felt to hear a song that I love so much played only feet away from me. That weekend was so great. Happy Birthday Jason! Love you.

Lori (@SPNZookeeper)

My favourite memory of Jason is a memory from The Sandwich and Jason tour last July. I’d decided on a whim only a few weeks earlier to travel to Frankfurt, Germany from Scotland to go and see them. I was having a pretty rough time at that time and was really looking forward to seeing the gig and seeing Jason again. Half way through Jason’s set he asked for song requests and when I requested one he replied with “well, why don’t you just come up and sing it yourself!” After a loooot of persuasion, and Jason finally singing my initial request I did get up on stage. In the end it turned out to be one of the most exhilarating/terrifying/wonderful experiences ever and I can’t thank Jason enough for it. He’s always been so encouraging when it comes to me singing and playing guitar. I could never thank him enough for that experience!

Kathleen P.

My number one favorite memory of Jason is during Pittcon last year, I was walking through the vendor room talking on the phone with my mom, and I saw him talking to a group of people. I told my mom I saw him, and she jokingly said “tell him I say hi” and I walked by and said “Hi Jason Manns, my mom says hi” and kept walking and he gets all excited and goes “HI MOM!” And he waved and I go “Jason Manns says hi” and I heard him laugh.
Sebastian (@firebucklemming)
I’ve got a lot of good memories with Jason but one in particular stands out to me because it really shows who he is as a person. I think about it all the time when I’m feeling down about a certain thing.
It was Pittcon 2017, it all started when I was at Gil Mckinney’s table and Jason was leaving the area… he had backed into me with his backpack and knocked me on the ground. Jason is a pretty large guy compared to me, I’m only 4’10. He apologized and made sure that I was alright. Later that day, at his panel I was his last question and had mentioned the situation and Jason remembered my name and stuff. He misgendered me by calling me she on stage. At the time I didn’t want to say anything obviously because he was ending his panel. But, later that day…Jason asked me about it. I had told him that my pronouns were he/him and he asked questions about it. He was so sincere about the whole thing.  I felt so validated. And to top it all off, at karaoke later that night I had been chosen to sing and Jason said, “Wow he’s the fastest” or something along the lines of that. But he used to right pronouns. It made me feel so good and I will never forget it. He has been so good to me and many others. I feel that this mere incident reflects on the person that he is. Kind hearted, curious, and just plain awesome. I hope that he has a great birthday. I am so thankful for Jason and all that he’s done.

Conny (@unfenced_fire)

I have a lot of favourite memories connected to Jason, from sitting in front of a computer watching Stageit performances in my PJs, texting my fandom friends and feeling like I was part of a concert crowd, to actual concerts at cons, tours, with bands or without. Jason always makes me feel happy and his music makes me feel at home. If I had to pick my favourite memory though, it’d have to be the concert at Jib two years ago, where I was sat in front of the stage, surrounded by my best fandom friends.

It was a magical night and sometimes I miss these solo shows a lot. But I’ve also made so many great memories seeing him play with The Station Breaks – I’ll never forget the 2017 EU tour – and I’ll never forget Jason’s face when my friend and I walked into the photo op room at VanCon, where he definitely didn’t expect us. Thank you for being you Jason, you’ve brought so many great things into my life.

Paige (@lightinmychest)

My favorite memory is a more recent one. I’m always super nervous whenever I go up to talk to him. I don’t know why since he’s such a down to earth guy! But it was at his show with Blake Lewis in Atlanta after the show. We were all waiting around for the guys to hopefully come out and chat and when they did my friend, Anje, literally pushed me up to him and explained that I was nervous (even though I had met him a few times prior). He gave me the biggest hug and I so appreciate that. I thanked him for the show and we took a photo.

Mandy (@BandagedLetdown)

I’ve only met him once, so one is an in person favorite moment, one happened over Snapchat and was probably a bit odd, but hopefully made him laugh a little.

The first was when I met him at his table during Houscon 2017; we chatted, I was SUPER nervous, and he was incredibly sweet and told me he liked my smile, I don’t even remember if I was able to respond other than to smile even bigger.
The second happened a few months ago over Snapchat after I completely misread a message from someone. The initial message, regarding a conversation with Jason at a con, said “we talked about lots of things,” which I read as “we talked about lobster things.” I ended up messaging him and telling him about it and after a few back and forth messages in which he admitted to not knowing much about them, I told him I’d give him some good lobster facts at the end of the year when I see him.

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