Wednesday, March 29, 2023

‘The Sock Monkey Cookbook’ by Misha Collins

BOOKS'The Sock Monkey Cookbook' by Misha Collins

Back in March, Misha Collins (Supernatural) first announced he was working on a cookbook. Links have been floating all over social media today, and now we have a release date and a title.

Photo by Douglas Kirkland

Several book-selling websites say The Sock Monkey Cookbook by Misha and Vicki Collins is set to be released via e-book on June 4, 2019, but the cover has yet to be revealed.

Fans of Collins know that food and cooking is a big part of his life. Back in 2013, he released the first episode of Cooking Fast and Fresh With West, which shows him shopping and cooking with his children. You can see the videos on his YouTube channel here. One website has the title of the cookbook itself called, The Sock Monkey Cookbook: Cooking Fast ‘n Fresh with West & Misha Collins. He’s also talked at length at Supernatural conventions about how important it is to him to make healthy meals for his family, and how much he enjoys cooking for the people he loves.

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They say the past predicts the future, and so far, anything Misha Collins touches turns to gold. So we’re definitely looking forward to more information about The Sock Monkey Cook Book as it becomes available, as well as the release in June.

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