Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Gil McKinney Christmas Album Funded as Kickstarter Campaign Ends

MUSICGIL MCKINNEYGil McKinney Christmas Album Funded as Kickstarter Campaign Ends
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Gil McKinney’s Kickstarter to make a Christmas album has ended with not only reaching the intended goal but exceeding it as well. The 223 backers have raised $22,621 in support of creating the album which will be produced by Jason Manns.

Those who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign will be getting perks such as a digital download of the album, a signed CD, signed Christmas card, a Christmas ornament, a session with Gil on Skype and others.

Gil plans to record the album in September/October to have it ready for the end of November, so it can be enjoyed for the Holiday season.

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There have been some teasers from Gil on his Twitter account about a list for potential songs.

Also announcing that both Jason Manns and Emily Swallow will be singing duets with him.

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Congratulations on reaching your goal! We cannot wait to listen to the new album!

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