10 Years of Castiel on ‘Supernatural’ – Season 11’s Biggest Moments

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It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of our series celebrating ten years of Castiel on Supernatural. If you’re just catching up, you can look at the other seasons and what we thought some of Castiel’s biggest moments were in each one here.

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Season 11 was an explosive season for Supernatural. We started right after the Mark of Cain was removed from Dean Winchester’s arm which freed the Darkness and led Castiel and the Winchesters into another world-ending apocalypse situation. The Darkness would push bonds to the breaking point and test what family really mean to Dean, Castiel and Sam. How far would you go for the people you cared about the most? This was a big underlying theme in this season, and we saw Castiel push himself to save Dean and his Winchester family.

Season 11, Episode 4 – “Baby”

Castiel was off scene for this episode, however it was very telling that the writers wanted to make sure he was included in an episode about the Winchesters and what they cared about. Dean finds himself being attacked by a new type of monster and calls Castiel, who is back at the bunker recovering, to see if he knows what kind of creature it is. Dean is calling it a Were-pire and trying to get Castiel to say it as well. Castiel tells Dean that it is actually a Nachzehrer, but when Dean repeatedly asks him to call it a Were-pire, Castiel gives in with what sounds like a smile on his face. Having Dean talk to Castiel about this while he is in Baby, helps to solidify that Castiel is indeed part of the Winchester family, and is seen as such by Dean Winchester.

This moment really sets the tone for the whole season for Castiel. He considers the Winchesters to be his family, and he cares a great deal about them. He will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep them safe and happy in whatever way he can.

Season 11, Episode 10 – “The Devil In The Details”

Castiel and Dean go to help Sam and are instead transported into the Cage with him and Lucifer. Castiel charges Lucifer and fights him to keep him busy until Rowena can say the spell to retrap Lucifer in the Cage. Lucifer tells Castiel that he himself can stop Amara, that he’s the only one who can, but Castiel does not believe him and continues the fight. Lucifer gets Dean against the bars and Castiel attacks him again. Rowena finally completes the spell and they are all let out of the Cage. Castiel stays behind after Sam and Dean leave and go back down to where Rowena and Crowley are in Hell. When he gets back downstairs, we see in a flashback that when Lucifer had him pinned in the cage, Castiel asked him if he could really beat the Darkness and Lucifer said yes. After hearing that, Castiel said yes and let Lucifer into his vessel, therefore letting him out of the cage to defeat the Darkness. Casifer, Lucifer in Castiel’s vessel, tells Rowena and Crowley that he is Lucifer and then proceeds to kill Rowena when she admits she’s the only one who can open the Cage again.

This sacrifice is a continuation of Castiel feeling like he needs to keep the Winchesters safe and helping them in any way that he can. He doesn’t want either brother to sacrifice themselves to Lucifer, but understands that at that moment, Lucifer may be the only one who can help destroy the Darkness, Amara. Feeling like this was his only option, Castiel takes it, once again saving Dean and Sam from pain and torture.

Season 11, Episode 14 – “The Vessel”

Castiel is putting together the ingredients for a Spell of Gathering to try to get Dean back from trip back in time when Sam walks in. Sam worries about Castiel not having enough power to complete the spell and so he offers to let Castiel take some of the power of his soul, like Castiel had done to Bobby in the past. Sam tells Castiel that he trusts him, and then Castiel (as Lucifer) laughs in Sam’s face.

He then reveals to Sam that he is actually Lucifer and tells him that he is going to use his soul, and when Sam dies, Casifer will tell Dean that Sam offered and knew the risks. Casifer then reaches into Sam’s chest and starts tapping into his soul while Sam yells in pain. Lucifer’s hand is abruptly pulled out of Sam’s chest and we see his face start to twitch a little bit before he says, “Hello Castiel”. Castiel is back in control now and tells Sam that he can’t eject Lucifer, it is taking all his strength to keep Lucifer from killing Sam. Sam says that they don’t need Lucifer to get Amara and Castiel says it’s not for Amara, it’s to save Dean because Castiel cannot time travel. Casifer rescues Dean and as soon as they return, Sam tells Dean that Castiel is Lucifer. Lucifer smiles and sends Dean flying across the room.

This was an especially important scene, because it was the first time we see Castiel able to override Lucifer’s control. Lucifer threatened the life of Sam Winchester, one of the people he cares about and has sworn to protect. That determination allowed him to gain the upper hand and spare Sam’s life. Castiel has once again saved his family.

Season 11, Episode 18 – “Hell’s Angel”

Lucifer appears, still in Castiel’s vessel, when summoned by Dean. He is trapped in a circle of Holy Fire and notices the Horn of Gabriel off to the side. Lucifer tells Dean that his power combined with the Horn should be enough to take Amara out. Dean activates another sigil and calls out for Castiel to show himself. We see Lucifer twitch and then Castiel takes control; however it is for a very brief period and then Lucifer is back in the driver’s seat. Dean tries calling out to Castiel, to have him expel Lucifer, but Lucifer is very firmly back in control; he even mocks Dean at one point as Dean calls out to Cas.

Lucifer demands that the weapon be handed over immediately, or he would take it himself once the warding failed. Crowley panics and enters Castiel’s vessel as well so Castiel is now hosting Lucifer, Crowley, and himself. Crowley finds Castiel watching TV in the Winchesters’ kitchen and tries to convince him that he needs to expel Lucifer before it’s too late. Castiel seems uninterested in what is going on, deciding to continue watching TV while Crowley and Lucifer fight it out in the background. The warding fails and the Holy Fire goes out, letting Lucifer free again. Lucifer takes the Horn and decides that he’s going to kill the Winchesters because he doesn’t need them anymore; however, this is when Amara shows up. Lucifer decides to use the Horn on her instead, to no avail. Amara then tells him that they need to chat and she and Lucifer disappear.

This moment is important because it shows us just how deep Castiel is under Lucifer’s control at this point. Lucifer has told Castiel that it’s best for everyone if he just takes a backseat while Lucifer fights Amara. Castiel heard Dean calling to him and mentions it to Crowley when he visits, but he shows no impetus to try to expel Lucifer. Castiel chooses to sit there and watch TV because Lucifer has convinced him that he is not important to the upcoming battle. Because that is a fear that Castiel has struggled with since his early days, it is not something that he can easily shake off.

Season 11, Episode 21 – “We Happy Few”

Casifer goes to Heaven to try to talk to the angels into helping defeat the Darkness with Chuck and the Winchesters. However, the angels are decidedly less than pleased to see Lucifer back again. When he realizes that he is not going to get anywhere with the angels, Lucifer calls Castiel up to the front to allow him to speak. At first, the angels tell Castiel that he is just as bad as Lucifer, and they don’t want to work with him either. Castiel tells them that they will hear it from God Himself in good time, but needs to  know if he has their support. Castiel is told that the angels find him foul for letting Lucifer into his vessel. Castiel then tries to explain by telling them of the torment that Lucifer put him through, how his vessel is burning up trying to contain both of them, but he would still do it again because God and Lucifer can win this battle using his vessel. Castiel states that it is his role to play in this. The angels finally listen to that and decide to join the fight.

Here we see Castiel putting everyone else’s safety above his own. He is willing to put himself in danger in order to make sure that the Winchesters and humanity survive the upcoming battle. Castiel does everything in his power and gives everything of himself to ensure that the others will not fail. Thanks to Lucifer’s possession, Castiel sees himself as nothing more than a tool, a disposable unit. Where Castiel is concerned, as long as the Winchesters and humanity survive this battle, Castiel’s purpose has been served.

Season 11 was a really powerful season for Castiel. He gave up his vessel to save the Winchesters, and then was willing to give up everything to save the world. Castiel battled with Lucifer to keep Sam and Dean alive, even though Lucifer was more powerful than he was.

Stay tuned for Season 12 moments tomorrow to see how Castiel comes back from being possessed by Lucifer.

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