Review: Jason Manns and Blake Lewis – East Coast Tour

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Courtesy of @n_e_davis

Jason Manns and Blake Lewis were recently on a short, 4-city tour on the East Coast. I attended three of their shows, in Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Hayden Lee joined them in Charlotte for the most packed and energetic show of the run. Though this tour was small in the number of shows, it was big in terms of support from the fans. Those who attended were mostly die-hard Jason and/or Blake fans, but some new fans were made along the way (hi, I’m a brand new Blake fan!).

Courtesy of @n_e_davis

The Tin Pan in Richmond is a cozy restaurant/bar. The stage is low to the ground, and sitting at a high top table gave a great view.

The Evening Muse in Charlotte is a small bar with another low set stage. The place was packed, thanks to the addition of Hayden to the roster.

Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta is a venue familiar to many Louden Swain and Station Breaks fans. Having a more intimate crowd than those shows gave the venue a very different, relaxed atmosphere.

Jason never fails to come to the table with his classic voice, beautiful guitar, and moving lyrics.

Blake brought big energy with his beatboxing, but also showed off his incredible vocals.

Hayden was a joy, bringing the audience in with his unique tone, interesting songs, and vibrant personality.

I highly recommend you check out any of these artists live. They all did an amazing job and they are all incredible people. I will gladly see them again when given the opportunity.

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